Ceramic Tile Cutting Machine

Ceramic Tile Cutting Machine

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Ceramic Tile Cutting Machine

Looking for the best ceramic tile cutter 

large size porcelain tile cutting machine, used to cut ordinary tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, sintered stone, microcrystalline stone and many other building materials. We have not only small size wet tile cutting machine, but also large size tile cutting machine, suitable for use in the factory. The processing specifications are 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1800mm, 2400mm, which can meet the processing needs of most customers, and the cutting size. It can be adjusted arbitrarily, and multiple pieces can be cut at one time, which can meet high-precision tile cutting. Whether you want a small tile cutting machine or the best porcelain tile cutter, at Yongtao Machinery, you can find one that suits you tile cutting machine。

Yongtao according to different requirement by customers designs a variety of tile cutting machines which are regarded as one of the best tile cutter machine. Such as two-spindle tile cutting machine, two blades ceramic cutting machine, manual multifunctional ceramic cutting machine, manual tile cutting machine. For different cutting size, we can choose the different cutting machines. For example, to cutting the 800x800mm ceramic strips for skirting, usually use YTQZ-B/2-800 two-spindle ceramic cutting machine, this machine can cut the ceramic tile into 10 pcs of 98x800 strips in one time. For ceramic tile stair steps cutting, usually use the YTQZ-A/2-1200 two-blade ceramic cutting machine, this machine can very easily adjust cutting size, suit for different size of stair steps tile cutting. The Ceramic Tile Cutter has the advantage of high speed of cutting, good effect of edge, low labor cost, high efficiency, popular with widely of ceramic processing factory. All in all, there is one machine at least suit for your ceramic tile cutting machine!

We are a professional CNC tile cutting machine manufacturer and porcelain tile cutting machine supplier. If you want to buy tile cutting machine, we can provide you with cheap tile cutting machines as well as the best porcelain tile cutter.

Yongtao Double Spindle Multi Saw Blade Tile Cutting Machine can cut ceramic tiles, quartz stone, imitation stone bricks, permeable bricks, PC bricks, blind bricks, square bricks, cement blue bricks, tile mosaics, terrazzo, black tiles, clay bricks, and cement blocks. For many new building materials such as products, one spindle can be installed with multiple saw blades for cutting, and high-level automated assembly line processing equipment can also be customized to meet the needs and processing requirements of various customers. Yongtao Machinery is China's largest ceramic tile cutting machine manufacturer and supplier of ceramic cutting machines. Customers are used all over the world. There are many industries using Yongtao tile cutting machines, which are unanimously praised by customers! 


Types of ceramic tile cutter machine:

1、manual tile cutting machine  2、electric tile cutting machine  3、CNC tile cutting machine  4、automatic tile cutting machine  5、wet tile cutting machine  6、porcelain tile cutting machine

Tile type:

1、polishing tile  2、vitrified tile  3、antique tile  4、microcrystalline tile  5、glaze tile  6、wood grain tile  7、Full body tile  8、cast crystal tile  9、Porcelain  10、Split the tile  11、Cultural tile

Choosing different tile cutting machine, cutting different types of ceramic tile, the cutting speed is different. Because of various hardness, thickness of ceramic tile, and the difference of the ceramic tile cutting blades. So we want to make sure of processing the size of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of choose suitable cutting machine and saw blade for processing, in order to achieve satisfactory results。  

Cutting large tiles, floor tiles, you can choose Yongtao 1800mm porcelain tile cutter. If you need precise cutting, you can use CNC tile cutting machine.  If you need to cut larger tiles, we can also provide customized tile cutting machine, and larger processing size of 2400mm, 3200mm tile cutting machine, only buy suitable for their own tile cutting machine, is the best tile cutting machine。          

Yongtao manual tile cutter, cutting thickness of 10-20mm(0.3937-0.7874 inch thick). Maximum cut inch width sizes are 31.496 inch and 47.244 inch, including (47.244 inch)1200mm porcelain tile cutter and (31.496 inch)800mm diagonal cut.

Yongtao wet tile cutting machine, when cutting tile, the water pipe against the cutting saw blade. When the saw blade rotates at high speed, wet cutting can avoid burning the saw blade, and can also avoid the tile getting black, which affects the beauty after cutting. Yongtao wet tile cutting machine has many styles. Which style do you need? you can contact us, let us recommend to you suitable for your wet tile cutting machine, now contact us immediately! 

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