Double Saw Blade Tile Cutter
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Double Saw Blade Tile Cutter

  Aug 10-2023

In the field of ceramic tile processing, Yongtao Machinery once again leads the innovation. In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, it has launched a brand new customized double saw blade tile cutting machine. The unique design and advanced features of this cutting machine have brought great improvements to the tile cutting process, effectively avoiding common cutting problems and injecting more precision and high efficiency into the production process.

tile cutting machine

The core feature of this dual saw tile cutter is its dual saw cutting technology. In the traditional tile cutting process, problems such as surface jumping often occur, which affect the cutting effect. The innovative design of Yongtao Machinery uses two saw blades for cutting. First, the first saw blade breaks through the glazed surface of the ceramic tile, and then the second saw blade is responsible for cutting, thus effectively avoiding the phenomenon of surface jumping. , to ensure the consistency and quality of the cutting effect.

ceramic tile cutting machine

This machine has excellent cutting ability, it can cut tiles up to 1.2 meters, its cutting size is 1200x1200mm, and the tiles can be cut into regular 1200x600mm. According to the needs of different customers, Yongtao Machinery also provides customized options, and can customize machines with processing sizes of 1600mm, 1800mm, and 2400mm to meet the needs of different sizes of tile cutting.

Double Saw Blade Tile Cutter

In terms of operation, this double saw blade tile cutter adopts advanced numerical control adjustment technology, which is easy to operate. The user only needs to input the digital size to be cut, and the ruler will automatically adjust to the corresponding position, and then start the cutting saw blade to start the cutting process. In addition, the electric box of the rocker arm can also be moved freely to an observable position, which is convenient for the user to adjust the cutter head and input parameters, further improving the convenience and visibility of the operation.

ceramic cutting machine

In order to ensure the sanitation and stability of the cutting process, Yongtao Machinery has adopted a series of humanized measures in the design. The periphery of the double-cutting saw blades is made of stainless steel water cover, which can effectively prevent the splashing of sewage and keep the working environment tidy. Each cutting head can be raised and lowered independently, and the front cutter head also has left and right adjustment functions to ensure cutting accuracy and flexibility. The cutting platform is made of solid cast iron, and the guide rail structure adopts the oil bubble design, which ensures the stability and smoothness of cutting.

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In addition, two large water pipes are arranged next to each cutting saw blade to ensure sufficient water supply and avoid damage to the saw blade and bearing due to insufficient water, further improving the durability and reliability of cutting.

To sum up, Yongtao Machinery's customized double saw blade tile cutter has brought revolutionary changes to the field of tile processing with its unique cutting technology and advanced functions. Through precise cutting and efficient production process, this machine has helped customers achieve a higher level of production quality and efficiency, and has become a shining star in the ceramic tile processing industry.

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