Company Culture

Company Culture

Enterprise mission:

For customers :-to provide the best quality products and services.
For employees: let the enterprise dream of achievement of personal dreams, and every employees to be proud of Yongtao!
For society:to realize their own value, and so thanksgiving society, return to society, to do top-ranking contribution!

Core values: 

unity and cooperation, integrity and pragmatic pursuit of excellence ,innovation and perseverance
Unity and cooperation: Nobody is perfect, but there is a perfect team. Let us hand in hand, heart to heart, to move forward together!
Integrity and pragmatic :Integrity is the brand, is the credibility, but also competitive! To be honest and trustworthy, work solidly to development and growth of our business.
Pursuit of excellence:Diligently toward our goal, the pursuit of excellence world without end !
Innovation: not sticking to formalities, break the normal procedure, constantly scale a new heights and challenge limit, create new results.
Persistence: The choice to give up, is the real failure, and the choice to adhere , means that the possibility of success.

Service concept: 

All the customer as the center, to provide customers with super-value services, and so customers will always be our friends.

Business concept: 

To the quality of survival, innovation and development, to the credibility of the market

Development concept: 

Pursuit of innovate, excellence and to be the top.

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