Technique Support

Technique Support

Preparation work before installing
In order to install machine smoothly, please arrange some preparation work:
1) Power source wire requirement: 4x16 mm2  (the length should be calculated according to the distance from the box to the machine)
    Voltage should be 380V/50Hz/3phase
2) Enough power supply for 35kwaccording to the Max rated power
3) Air compressor 8kg pressure (if the factory have it already, just connect one of them with the air pipe)
4) Air pipe 8mm (the actual length depends on the distance between the factory air compressor and the machine)
5) Water pump: diameter 50mm, 1.5kw
6) Site requirements: concrete floor
7) A pool with three rooms: 10-12 CBM(for better dealing with the mud and water). 

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