Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

Marble Polishing Machine-Yongtao Stone Machine
Stone Polishing Machine

Stone polishing machine classify products are mainly used for processing stone slab both sides flat edge polishing, stone slab grooving and polishing,stone slab 45 degree polishing, stone slab both sides 45 degree polishing, and stone slab both side flat edge polishing. The machines can process marble, artificial stone, granite for single side edge polishing, both sides edge polishing, singe side 45 degree polishing, both sides 45 degree polishing, single side flat edge polishing, both side flat edge polishing, marble slab edge grooving and polishing.

The both sides stone edge polishing machine include: 3+3 both sides stone edge polishing machine, 4+4 both sides stone edge polishing machine, stone bilateral dislocation edge polishing machine. The 45 degree stone edge polishing machine include: stone 45 degree edge polishing machine, stone flat and 45 degree edge polishing machine, stone bilateral disclocation 45 degree edge polishing machine. The stone polishing machine use one motor to drive two polishing heads, the processing width is adjusted by hand, the polishing head cup is installed with a polishing slice and a snail chuck, it use cylinder structure, the polishing effect is better, the polishing head is easy to change, the polishing brightness is high.

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Yongtao machinery offers all kinds of granite machinery, granite cnc machine, marble machinery, marble polishing machine, stone polishing machine. We are the Chinese top ten stone machinery suppliers, can customize a variety of granite cnc machine, granite molding machine, granite polishing machine, granite profiling machine and so on all kinds of granite machinery for clients. From granite cutting, edge grinding, chamfering, slitting, molding, polishing, and other various granite processing machinery, a lot of granite mechanical we can meet your requirements, you only need to contact us, will solve the granite you want CNC machinery customization requirements. Our design requirements of stone machinery: simple operation, high processing accuracy, simple structure, convenient maintenance, replacement of grinding head speed, good polishing brightness and other processing requirements, so our stone polishing machine is loved by customers around the world, and has been widely used and praised!


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