What Material is CNC Waterjet Cutter Suitable for ?
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What Material is CNC Waterjet Cutter Suitable for ?

  Sep 28-2020

There are three main uses of CNC waterjet cutter. One is to cut non-combustible materials, such as marble, ceramic tiles, glass, cement products, and other materials. These are materials that cannot be processed by thermal cutting. The second is to cut combustible materials, such as steel plates, plastics, cloth, polyurethane, wood, leather, rubber, etc. In the past, thermal cutting can also process these materials, but it is easy to produce burning areas and burrs. But CNC waterjet cutting machine processing will not produce burning zone and burr. The physical and mechanical properties of the material to be cut remain unchanged, which is also a major advantage of the CNC waterjet cutting machine. The third is to cut the inflammable and explosive materials, such as ammunition and the cutting processed in inflammable and explosive environments, which cannot be replaced by other processing methods.

waterjet cutting machine

In general, when the processing methods such as laser, plasma, flame, wire cutting, sawing, and milling can basically meet the requirements of processing technology, it is not suitable to use CNC waterjet cutter. After all, the operation cost of water cutting is high. The nozzle, guide sleeve and high-pressure seal are imported consumables, and the price is relatively high. But when you feel that the thickness of laser and plasma cutting is too thin, the burr is too large, and the heat-affected zone is unfavorable, you can consider using water cutting;

When you feel that the burrs of flame cutting are too large, the roughness is too poor, and the heat-affected zone is too large, you can consider water cutting;

When you feel that the wire cutting speed is too slow and you cannot cut non-conductive materials, you can consider water cutting;

When you feel that the milling method has produced a lot of waste and caused a lot of waste, you can also consider water cutting, because water cutting does not produce waste. It is a whole piece cutting. Most of the materials separated by water cutting are recycled;

When you feel when using the circular saws and band saws is too slow, and you cannot perform non-straight cutting, you can still consider water cutting;

When you are cutting inflammable and explosive materials or cut in an inflammable and explosive environment, you'd better consider water cutting;

When you do not want to produce toxic side gas, do not need a secondary processing, do not want to produce thermal effects or deformation or micro-cracks, but also want to produce good cutting edge quality and can cut small holes at the same time, you should consider using water cutting. In short, water cutting is a universal cutting method, but it is not the best to use in some situations, so you need to do specific analysis when choosing.

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