Water Jet Cutter for Hardware Equipment Cutting
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Water Jet Cutter for Hardware Equipment Cutting

  Oct 26-2020

Since its inception, water jet cutter have been the industry leader in terms of quality, efficiency, and safety. Waterjet cutting machines are suitable for cutting and forming panels, bracket components, and other parts. The manufacturing process requires diverse materials, puts high requirements on product appearance and precision. And there are many non-standard parts in its process. Traditional cutting methods have certain disadvantages in material and processing methods, such as uneconomical small-batch processing and poor cutting accuracy. However, the ultra-high pressure water cutting technology overcomes these above shortcomings, and the cutting material materials of water jet cutters are not limited. It can cut a variety of flat and special-shaped patterns, and the precision of the product is not very high. The water jet cutter can cut the shape and process at one time. The workpiece with high precision is easy to do secondary processing after water cutting.

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The three most important steps in sheet metal processing are shearing, punching/cutting, and folding. With the help of the water jet cutter, the blanking and cutting process can be completed well. There is no thermal effect after water cutting, and it is easy to weld after cutting; the material has no deformation, no unevenness after stamping, and other problems. Because of its obvious advantages, water jet cutters have quickly become indispensable processing equipment for sheet metal processing. Stainless steel products are daily and industrial products processed by using stainless steel as the main raw material. With the progress of society and the development of technology, stainless steel products are used more and more widely in various fields of industry and people's lives. Common stainless steel products are stainless steel tableware, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, hardware accessories, showcase shelves, medical equipment. Stainless steel products require a lot of cutting and cutting processes in the early stage of production. With the improvement of living standards, people put higher requirements for the aesthetics of stainless steel products.

Aluminum is one of the materials widely used in high-speed locomotives. At present, the main material of the high-speed locomotive body is aluminum plate. Due to light reflection, if laser cutting aluminum plate is used, the laser lens is easily damaged, which greatly increases the cost of laser cutting processing. At present, the maximum thickness of the cutting aluminum plate of the laser cutting machine is about 10mm. Water cutting does not have the above-mentioned reflection and other problems. The thickness of the aluminum plate that can be cut by the water jet can be up to 200mm. At the same time, water cutting is cold cutting, which is convenient for subsequent secondary processing or does not require secondary processing.

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