How to Choose the Cutting Blade Specification of Porcelain Tile Cutting Machine
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How to Choose the Cutting Blade Specification of Porcelain Tile Cutting Machine

  Jan 03-2021

With the rapid development of the mechanical industry, there are more and more models of porcelain tile cutting machine. When we cut ceramic tiles, the first procedure is piece cutting, and the subsequent trimming and grinding. Then, after the following procedure, the ceramic tiles we want are presented. Then do you know the cutting blade specifications of porcelain tile cutting machine?

1. Application occasion

Choose cutting blades according to different application occasion. The cutting blades are divided into cutting class and grinding class from the using aspect. Most of the cutting machines are fixed or mobile, the power of the machine is divided into high power(>5.5KW) and small power(<3KW) , and the cutting speed will also have two kinds of high-speed cutting(>80m/s) and ordinary cutting. In addition, there are various materials when cutting, such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, ordinary steel, viscous metal, high carbon steel, non-metal. The performance requirements of cutting blades are different in different use occasions, so it is important to choose cutting blades reasonably. You need to choose the cutting blades according to your own application occasion, which can increase the safety factor, improve the efficiency of work and reduce the cost.

2. Ordinary cutting blades

Ordinary tile cutters usually cut pieces with diameters less than 50 mm. But because the cutting power is small, in order to reduce the radial friction resistance, the cutting blade with the thickness of 3.2mm is generally selected. This kind of cutting blade is thin and also has a certain elasticity, which is sharp when cutting.

3. High-power cutting blades

High-power porcelain tile cutting machine is usually suitable for cutting larger-diameter objects. Because the cutting torque force and the damage to the cutting blades is larger, so it requires the cutting blades having a certain rigidity. The cutting blade with the thickness of 3.8 mm is generally selected . At the same time, because the cutting diameter is large, the resistance faced by cutting blade will increase, and the temperature of the cutting surface will be very high, so it is very important to reduce the cutting temperature. If possible, add water to cool it down when cutting.

It's better to select the cutting blades specification according to the porcelain tile cutting machine itself . Suitable cutting blades can not only improve the processing efficiency and save cost, but also prolong the service life of the cutting blades.

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