CNC Ceramic Tile Processing Machinery
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CNC Ceramic Tile Processing Machinery

  Mar 05-2019

CNC Ceramic Tile Processing Machinery
In order to improve precision of cutting, CNC ceramic tile cutting machine is a necessary machine in ceramic tile cutting. Since the cutting size of most manual cutting machine isnot precision at present. CNC ceramic tile cutting machine, which the latest product from YONGTAO Machinery, is very popular in market. The previous manual cutting machine easily make error, or the size of cutting in-conformity. In this condition, it will be difficult to grind edge and increase workload. So YONGTAO Machinery based on customer’s practical problem, to develop several cnc ceramic tile cutting machine as below:
The following kinds of CNC ceramic tile cutting machine

1. Two blades series cnc tile cutting machine
cnc tile cutting machine

2. Three blades series cnc ceramic cutting machine
cnc ceramic cutting machine

3. Manual type cnc ceramic tile cutting machine
ceramic tile cutting machine

Two blades series cnc cutting machine have a high precision of cutting. The precision reached 0.01mm, and speed of cutting reached 6m/min.Cutting baffle move synchronization, size of cutting conformity, without chipping and angle broken. As long as put the brick on the conveyor belt, and set the number of cutting size on electric cabinet. Just turn on the machine, it will cut the brick that you want automatically. YONGTAO brand cnc ceramic tile cutting machine have a simple control system, easy to learn, specially suit for fresh operator

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