Ceramic Mosaic Cutting Machine
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Ceramic Mosaic Cutting Machine

  Mar 05-2019
Ceramic Mosaic Cutting Machine
Cut tile Mosaic of ceramic Mosaic cutter, and the following permanent ceramic machinery to introduce you to this machine how to use.

Mosaic cutting machine

Method of use of single-group knife continuous brick machine:
1. Cut the ceramic tile with the cutting edge of the blade, open slot and select the blade with no notch (the whole round blade).

2. Cut one time to install 5 knives, cut out six bricks.

3. The opening of the Mosaic groove can open more than a dozen pieces, which need to be placed under the tile Mosaic with the knife Mosaic template.

4. When cutting the tile, the resistance is large, the blade cannot be installed too much, because the blade is cut off once, so the general situation can only be equipped with a few blades.

5. Because the blade is cut off once, the cut tile will be a bit damaged (a small proportion), please use it safely.

6. compared to the front of nc ceramic knife cutting machine after the function of the machinery more than 16 kw, a little slower than before and after cutting machine, but the cost of the blades of CNC cutting machine expensive than before and after, electricity prices to higher than a single set of CNC cutting machine knife before and after the machine time continuous cutting machine much faster, but the knife before and after the CNC cutting machine can only be opened two, and a single set of knife a continuous cutting machine can cut 5-6, cutting more than small specification of ceramic tile is more cost-effective.

Ceramic Mosaic cutting machine

The usage of double group knife continuous brick machine:
1. Cut the ceramic tile with the cutting edge of the blade, open slot and select the blade with no notch (the whole round blade).

2. Cut one time to install 10-20 knives, cut out 11-21 bricks, usually cut into strips first.

3, cutting the need will be the first set of inserts installed, to install a second set of blades, two groups the number of blades as much, in front of a group of a group behind the blade to blade on a straight line, so that the cutting time won't have step, if the blade is not aligned, can cause some problems, such as: 1, cutting the steps, 2, cut wrong size, 3, easy card brick, 4, and easy to cut the whole piece of brick bad, 5, and may lead to mechanical tripping.

4, the batch processing is more cost-effective, if was less possibility of idle is bigger, plus the boot power is larger, if not the batch processing is not cost-effective, because the cost of the blade is relatively high, so to buy the machinery for bulk processing, it is very cost-effective.

5. Processing ceramic tile mosaics is faster, has pre-cut function, and the last 1 cuts the knife, so the cutting
effect will be better.

Ceramic cutter

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