Three Saw Blades Automatic Tile Cutter
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Three Saw Blades Automatic Tile Cutter

  Jul 28-2023

Accurately and quickly cutting large format tiles has always been a challenge in the tile industry. In order to meet the needs of customers for efficient and precise processing, Yongtao has launched a three-knife wet automatic tile cutting machine tailored for customers. The cutting machine adopts advanced technology and design to provide users with an excellent cutting experience while ensuring cutting quality and precision.

ceramic tile cutter

1. Greatly improve cutting efficiency

Yongtao three-blade wet automatic tile cutter is equipped with 3 cutting knives, the maximum cutting width reaches 800mm. This innovative design allows users to cut 800x800mm tiles into four 800x198mm tiles at one time, greatly improving production efficiency.

tile cutting machine

2. Flexible adjustment of cutting size

The three cutting saw blades of the cutting machine can be manually adjusted in and out, and the user can flexibly grasp the required cutting size according to the needs. This height adjustability ensures quick adaptability to tiles of different specifications and greatly improves the production efficiency of the production line.

ceramic cutting machine

3. Numerical control display digital adjustment gauge

In order to ensure the cutting accuracy, Yongtao three-knife wet automatic tile cutting machine is equipped with a numerical control display digital adjustment stopper. With this smart function, users can accurately adjust the cutting size, effectively avoiding waste caused by inaccurate sizes.

wet tile cutting machine

4. Beautiful design and high-quality materials

In terms of appearance design, Yongtao three-blade wet-type automatic tile cutting machine adopts stainless steel water cover, which is beautiful in design and makes the whole machine look beautiful and durable. At the same time, it is made of high-quality materials to ensure the stability and service life of the machine.

Automatic tile cutting machine

5. Stable pressing device

During the cutting process, multiple pressure wheels are installed under the four boards, which can effectively press the tiles to ensure that there will be no offset and displacement during the cutting process, and the accuracy of tile cutting is guaranteed.

wet tile cutter

6. Multiple cooling system

In order to avoid damage to internal bearings caused by high temperature during cutting, each cutting spindle adopts dual cooling technology of water cooling and oil cooling. This intelligent cooling system ensures stability and safety during the cutting process and prolongs the life of the cutting blade.

Automatic Tile Cutter

Yongtao three-blade wet automatic tile cutting machine has become a star weapon in the tile processing industry due to its high efficiency, precision and stability. Its advanced cutting technology, intelligent adjustment function and multiple cooling systems bring users an excellent cutting experience, effectively improve production efficiency, and create greater economic value for customers. In the future, Yongtao will continue to devote itself to technological innovation and provide customers with better tile processing solutions.

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