Introduction of Performance Characteristics and Operating Instructions of Mosaic Cutting Machine
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Introduction of Performance Characteristics and Operating Instructions of Mosaic Cutting Machine

  Jan 01-2021

I. Application of mosaic cutting machine

Mosaic cutting machine is used for floor tiles and stone cutting, and grooving. It cut materials into strips, squares, prism, etc., and can cut out the materials with many sizes of different width at one time. The processing width is 22-800mm.

II. Mosaic cutting machine's function

Cutting, grooving. It can cut out the materialswith many sizes of different width all at once and groove multiple mosaic slots at the same time.

III. Mosaic cutting machine's performance characteristics

1. The headstock bearing block adopts water cooling device, so it can be used continuously for a long time, without heating and high temperature, prolonging the service life of the bearing.

2. "V" type belt guides the direction to ensure the precise conveyance of belt.

3. Based on the structure of wwallowtail groove lifting and double-support gantry, cutting is more stable and has less vibration.

IV. Operating Instructions of Mosaic Cutting Machine

1. According to the rated voltage of the machine or the local indicating voltage, connect the power supply, check whether the electrical components in the electrical cabinet are in standby state.

2. For the first use, the spindle of the tool head should be idled for 30 minutes, and the conveyor belt should be idled for 10 minutes. Please check whether it is stable and put it into production if everything is normal.

3. Turn on the power supply of the conveyor belt and the cutter head to check whether the conveyor belt steering and the spindle steering are correct.

4. After the blade is installed, tighten the spindle nut, and then adjust the cooling nozzle. The best direction is that the spraying point of the water column is on the cutting point of the blade cutting brick.

5. Start the tool head power to check whether the spindle steering is consistent with the conveyor belt steering. Before starting the power, pay attention to the blade leaving away the conveyor belt, so as not to cut off the conveyor belt.

6. Before debugging the machine, firstly, put a piece of brick on th barrier of the conveyor belt, then run the conveyor belt and adjust the press wheel until the brick is pressed steadily. It should be paid attention to that the position of the brick close to the positioning plate must be straight.

7. Adjust the depth of the cut brick by the control switch and the lifting button on the electric cabinet.

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