Correct Operation of Water Jet Cutter
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Correct Operation of Water Jet Cutter

  Nov 02-2020

The scientific and technological level of the waterjet process is getting higher and higher. Today, with the rapid development of modernization, the water jet cutters are being widely used. Water jet cutters are mainly professional equipment that uses ultra-high pressure water jets to perform cold cutting so as to complete cutting operations. Because the equipment uses cold cutting methods, during the cutting operation, the thermal effect and deformation of the cutting material can be avoided. In order to complete a better cutting operation, there is something that needs to care when operating the water jet cutter.

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When the waterjet cutting machine is in the cutting operation, in order to ensure the safety of the construction environment, the operators and other unrelated personnel should keep a certain distance from the waterjet. At the same time, in order to avoid damage to the cutting sand pipe of the equipment,  pay attention not to hit equipment when using cranes to lift workpieces on the construction site. When people use waterjet cutting machines to cut smaller and lighter workpieces, the operator should take appropriate fixing measures to prevent the workpiece from moving during the cutting process. At the same time, if some workpieces are found to be impacted away, people should also prohibit the use of other objects to correct misaligned workpieces. In the process of reclaiming with water jet cutter, especially when replacing equipment nozzles, operators should pay attention to turn off the high-pressure water first or turn off the high-pressure valve, so as to confirm that the remaining high-pressure water has been completely removed before proceeding. next operation.

After the water jet cutter completes the processing operation, timely sorting out the processed workpiece. And in order to ensure safety, the operator should also clean up the leftovers during the process. Because the edge of the processed workpiece is relatively sharp, remember to turn off the power supply so as to avoid being scratched during the tidying process.

The above content is the correct operation attention that people need to remember when using a professional water jet cutter. In order to fully guarantee the overall processing effect of the processed workpiece, the operator must its instructions.

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