Common Fault Treatment of Tile Cutter
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Common Fault Treatment of Tile Cutter

  Feb 08-2021

Now the tile processing plants generally use the tile cutter to cut ceramic tiles. While in the process of using, plant will inevitably encounter some minor failures. At this time, we need to find the cause of the failure, and then deal with it, so that the machine can run normally. For some common failures, we need to pay attention to and summarize experience, so as to avoid not knowing how to deal with problems again.

The following introduces the common problems encountered in the use of tile cutter and solutions.

1. When it occurs fracture, stop the machine first, then take out the ceramic tile to see whether the blade motor is blocked by foreign matter, remove it, and then look at the processing effect; adjust the amount of cooling water, cooling water for ceramic tile processing must be enough.

2. Ceramic tile having a crack is generally due to blade weariness. Blade should be removed after shutdown, and then replaced.

3. The surface of the ceramic tile is not smooth, generally the polishing grinding head is not enough, or uneven. That there is enough polishing grinding head in professional tile cutter must be ensured. If the quality of the grinding head is not good, there will be also not smooth phenomenon.

4. If the tiles are connected in series, check whether the adjustment screws on the cutting platform are loose, and whether there is a gap between the roller and the bearing. This problem can be solved by tightening the screws so that there is no gap between the drum and the bearing.; adjust the processing speed of ceramic tiles to ensure that ceramic tiles are slowly processed, not too vigorously pushed, then see the processing effect.

5. If the size of molding ceramic tile sides is inconsistent, it is generally caused by the machine head is not aligned with the position that give brick mouth. This phenomenon can be solved by adjusting the trimming knife of the machine and adjusting the nuts on the left and right sides of the roller to align with the outlet of the brick. Make sure that the upper and lower cutters of the machine are on the same surface.

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