The Usage of Waterjet Mosaic Cutting Machine
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The Usage of Waterjet Mosaic Cutting Machine

  Jan 01-2021

Waterjet mosaic cutting machine is adopted the process of cutting stone by high-pressure water flow. Control by computer can ensure that the cutting edge is neat and beautiful. With water knife, stone material of different color are cut into the model that had designed in advance, and spliced together with special glue. 

Although the pattern of waterjet mosaic cutting machine looks good, the processing is complex. So how is the waterjet mosaic cutting machine processed? What are the steps?

1. Drawings: import the JPG picture into CAD, and then draw the outline of waterjet mosaic by using all available functions such as arcs and rectangles in CAD.

2. Bulk breaking: because the material for processing waterjet mosaic is generally porcelain, whose size is limited, so the larger parts are processed in multiple sections.

3. Take the block: because the waterjet porcelain is composed of multiple colors of stone, pottery and other materials, so each color should be extracted separately. The extraction process is known as taking the block in the industry.

4. Typography: this is easy to understand. It is to take out the parts and arrange them into the specified material to make machine cutting convenient.

5. Add waterjet: compensation for the error by tool wear can make the product gap smaller.

6. Connecting: Multiple parts are connected in series so that the machine does not cut one by one, which can improve the cutting speed and facilitate the control of structure order.

7. File preservation: the last step is to save the multiple plates separately, and change them into the files that can be identified by the waterjet machine, to achieve the purpose of cutting.

YONGTAO Waterjet Mosaic Cutting Machine is different from others with its design, material selection and exact production. Its precision, lightweight, durable and edge - free cutting quality has been widely proven in thousands of ceramic manufacturers and processing units. Before leaving the factory, all cutting machines are under strict technical test and cutting test, which is the confidence guarantee for you to choose cutting machine!

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