Best Water Jet Tile Cutter
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Best Water Jet Tile Cutter

  May 03-2023

Best Water Jet Tile Cutter

Yongtao Machinery is the first well-known manufacturer in China to develop and produce water jet tile cutting machines. Among them, Yongtao water jet tile cutting machines are mainly used for cutting tile medallions. They can cut arbitrary curves on the plane of tiles. Commonly used machine specifications are: 1313, 2015, 2515, cutting according to different materials, different thicknesses, different cutting speeds, the thicker the material, the slower the cutting speed.


The working principle of water jet tile cutter is to use high pressure water jet to cut tiles with the help of abrasives. The cutting accuracy of the water jet tile cutting machine can generally reach 0.1mm, and the cutting effect is flat and smooth, without cracks, debris and other problems.

The water jet tile cutting machine can also perform drilling and other processing while cutting tiles.

The price of the water jet tile cutter is relatively high, but compared with the traditional manual cutting method, its cutting efficiency is higher, the working effect is better, and it has higher economic benefits.

The cutting speed of the water jet tile cutter is generally around 30-1500 mm/min, but the specific speed also depends on the cutting material, cutting thickness, cutting shape and other factors.

The cutting depth of the water jet tile cutter is generally within 10-30 mm, but some large water jet tile cutters can cut more than 100 mm.

The operation of the waterjet tile cutting machine requires various conditions such as electricity, water source, and air source, so it is necessary to evaluate the factory environment and equipment before purchasing.


The configuration of the water jet tile cutting machine is as follows:

Water jet cutting machine tool, CNC control cabinet, high pressure booster, circulating cooling tower, abrasive sand supply system

The water jet tile cutter is a high-precision tile cutting equipment, which has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high precision, smooth cut, and will not damage the surface of the tile. The following are the technical parameters and characteristics of some common waterjet tile cutters:

1. Cutting thickness: The waterjet tile cutter can cut tiles of different thicknesses, generally up to 40-50mm, but different types of equipment have different cutting thicknesses.

2. Cutting accuracy: The waterjet tile cutter has high precision and can achieve millimeter-level precision, which mainly depends on the control system of the cutting machine, the stability of the cutting head, and the quality of the material.

3. Cutting speed: The cutting speed of the water jet tile cutter is relatively fast, depending on the hardness and thickness of the material, generally between 2000-5000mm/min.

4. Cutting quality: The cutting quality of the waterjet tile cutter is good, the cut is smooth, and there will be no gaps on the tile surface

5. Yongtao waterjet tile cutting machine can cut various materials such as stone, glass, stone, ceramic tile, marble, stainless steel, metal, and sintered stone.

6. To cut tile medallions, the cutting head of the cutting machine has an inclination angle of 5-10 degrees.


Of course, before buying a Yongtao waterjet tile cutter, you need to consider many factors, such as budget, required specifications and functions, type and thickness of cutting material, cutting accuracy and speed requirements, maintenance and maintenance costs, etc. Here are some questions you can ask your supplier when choosing a waterjet tile cutter to find the best machine for your needs. In addition, it should be noted that the water jet tile cutter needs to pay attention to safety issues when using it, and it needs to be equipped with corresponding safety equipment and relevant safety measures.

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