Installation Guide and Precautions for Procelain Tile Cutting Machine
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Installation Guide and Precautions for Procelain Tile Cutting Machine

  Jan 03-2021

Recently a friend asked me about how to install the procelain tile cutting machine, and when using it what matters should be paid attention to. The purchase of porcelain tile cutting machine is generally guided by professionals in installation, use and maintenance. The following will share you the installation methods of procelain tile cutting machine.

1. Installation skills of procelain tile cutting machine

(1) Place two parallel rails on the ground first, and the width is equal to the width of the cutting frame walking wheel.

(2) Put the cutting frame on the parallel rails and move it back and forth until it is perfectly aligned with the rails and moves freely.

(3) The stone cutter is placed on the frame. The four rollers on the main engine should be completely consistent with the channel steel on the frame, and the movement direction of the main engine should cross with the movement direction of the frame at 90 degrees after being placed, and each of them can move freely.

(4) Install the power so that the motor is firmly connected with the main engine through the motor leg frame, and the axis direction of the motor and the direction of the main engine cross horizontally and vertically.

(5) Install the belt.

(6) Install the cover.

(7) Start the motor and check whether the rotation direction of the saw blade shaft is consistent with the direction indicated by the cover arrow.

(8) Install the saw blade and connect the water pipe.

2. Precautions of the procelain tile cutting machine

(1) In the cutting process, we must pay attention to the position of the saw blade of the procelain tile cutting machine and control the speed of cutting products, and take self-protection measures to prevent being cut.

(2) In the cutting process, the product debris must be cleaned with water. It is strictly prohibited to clean directly by hand.

(3) In the cutting process, The distance between hands and cutting blades should be lager than 10mm to prevent hurting the hands by cutting blades.

(4) Different types of ceramic tiles should be cut by different types of saw blade.

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