China Water Jet Cutting Machine
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China Water Jet Cutting Machine

  Apr 24-2020

China Water Jet Cutting Machine

Water jet cutting machine industry in China, there are a lot of specializing in the production of water jet cutter manufacturers. China Yongtao Machinery is one of the manufacturer of water jet machine which is familiar with the most customers. The company is the first-class technology in water jet manufacturing, which is the earliest company in AC 5 axis water jet research and development production. AC 5 axis water jet cnc machine is widely used in sintered rock for 45 degrees of bevel cutting, and then joining together for sintered rock sink, sintered rock tea table, and many other sintered rock products.

Water Jet Cutting Machine

AC 5 axis water jet cnc machine main use 3m*2m or 4m*2m cutting table, cutting angle available ±50 bevel. So the AC 5 axis waterjet machine can be use for 45 angle joining together for countertop, such as sintered rack countertop.

5 axis water jet

The water jet cutting technology gradually mature, we research and develop different kinds of water jet cutter for different applications. For example 3 axis waterjet cutting machine is widely use in glass, ceramic tile, sintered rack and metal industry. Its cutting method is vertical cutting, which has the advantage on cutting speed.

3 axis water jet

According to the market demand, AB 5 axis cnc water jet cutting machine is popular in ceramic tile, stone decoration processing factories. Its cutting head can be 0-10 angle bevel in vertical. When cutting tile or stone parquet, it no need manual trim the edge again, greatly improve the production efficient.

Specification of 3 axis water jet cutting machine:
1. 1313 flying arm 3 axis water jet
2. 2015 bridge 3 axis waterjet machine

Specification of 5 axis water jet machine
1. 2015 bridge 5 axis waterjet cnc machine
2. 3020 bridge 5 axis water jet
3. 4020 bridge 5 axis waterjet cutting machine

5 axis waterjet cnc machine

There is lots of cnc water jet cutting machine manufacturer in the market, but the quality of machine is irregularity. So it is very important to choose a quality reliable manufacturer. China Yongtao Machinery is committed to brand building, it has the high requirement in material, technology of production. The water jet cutter of Yongtao machinery is popular in market

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