3 Saw Blade CNC Tile Cutting Machine
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3 Saw Blade CNC Tile Cutting Machine

  May 23-2023

The 1200 type front and rear 3-knife CNC tile cutting machine independently developed by Yongtao Machinery is an advanced equipment leading a new era of ceramic processing. Compared with traditional tile cutting machines, it successfully solves the phenomenon of cutting edges and becomes the ace tile cutting machine in tile processing and production. This model has a number of incomparable advantages, making tile processing more accurate, efficient and stable.


First of all, this model adopts the function of automatic size adjustment by numerical control, so that the operator no longer has to worry about various size adjustments of various specifications. The CNC system can precisely control the cutting size, and the cutting accuracy can reach within 0.01mm, ensuring that each tile meets the specification requirements.

Secondly, the design of the front and rear cutting heads makes the cutting process more efficient. The machine can automatically perform one-cut and two-cut continuous 

cutting to achieve the effect of no chipping after cutting. Moreover, this model can also cut different sizes according to needs, providing more flexibility and adaptability.

The ceramic tile cutting machine has the characteristics of low breakage rate, strong stability, energy saving and consumption reduction in the tile processing process, which effectively improves production efficiency and reduces processing costs. It has excellent cutting effect and fast cutting speed, and can handle various types of tiles, including polished tiles, microcrystalline stones, glazed tiles, antique tiles, wood grain tiles, etc. It can cut 3-4 meters of tiles per minute, and the cutting effect has no problems such as jumping edges and corners, ensuring product quality.


In addition, this model also has the function of automatic monitoring of fault status, making maintenance more convenient. During operation, the machine can monitor and report any faults in real time, so that repair measures can be taken in time to reduce downtime and losses in production.

Yongtao 1200 front and rear 3-knife CNC tile cutting machine is a major breakthrough in the field of ceramic processing. Its leading design, stable performance, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low cost of use bring high-quality products and good economic benefits to users.

Adopting advanced technology and workmanship, this cutting machine has excellent cutting ability and stable performance. Among them, the first saw blade in the front 

is responsible for trimming, the second saw blade in the middle is responsible for cutting half, and the rear saw blade is responsible for cutting. This cutting method ensures better cutting effect of tiles and lower breakage rate. During the cutting process, the cutter head adopts dual cooling technology of oil cooling and water cooling, which makes the cutter head rotate at high speed without heating and prolongs the service life of the bearing.

The cutting machine adopts CNC touch screen control system, which is easy and convenient to operate. The user only needs to input the required cutting size on the touch screen, and the machine can automatically adjust and complete the cutting work. The CNC system precisely controls each cutting size to ensure the cutting accuracy is within 0.01mm.

Yongtao 1200 front and rear 3-knife CNC tile cutting machine has a wide range of applications. It can handle different types and specifications of tiles, including polished tiles, microcrystalline stones, glazed tiles, antique tiles, wood grain tiles, etc. Whether it is a commercial project or a home improvement, you can use this tile cutter to achieve efficient and precise tile cutting.


All in all, Yongtao Model 1200 front and rear 3-knife CNC tile cutting machine has become one of the highly respected equipment in the tile processing industry with its advanced technology and excellent performance. It can not only achieve high-precision and high-efficiency tile cutting, but also has the advantages of good stability, energy saving and consumption reduction, and simple operation. For ceramic tile manufacturers and processors, this tile cutting machine is undoubtedly a sharp tool to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. With the continuous innovation and progress of technology, Yongtao Machinery will continue to lead the development of the ceramic processing industry and provide users with more high-quality ceramic processing machinery and services.

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