Water Jet Cutter Used for Stone Parquet and Ceramic Parquet
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Water Jet Cutter Used for Stone Parquet and Ceramic Parquet

  Nov 09-2020

Water Jet Cutter Used for Stone Parquet and Ceramic Parquet

Compared with other cutting tools, the water jet stone cutting machine has the advantages that other cutting tools cannot replace. It has no pollution, zero loss of tools, and is suitable for the manufacture of any product. Today we introduce the advantages of waterjet processing in the ceramic and stone industry. Its notable feature is to cover all the curve cutting of ceramic stone. Common cases include large-scale ceramic art murals, floor mosaics in the lobby, ceramic art screens, cabinets and bathroom special-shaped countertops, stone art furniture, etc. The water jet cutter is very suitable for decorative material processing. Taking ground parquet as an example, the use of CNC waterjet processing can not only save time and labor costs, and reduce equipment occupation space; but also can save 40% of material costs, so that a large amount of corner waste can be reused, turning waste into treasure. Compared with traditional cutting tools, the easy-to-use waterjet cutting machine can effectively reduce the processing time for ceramic manufacturers.

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The abrasive water jet stone cutting machine can cut any ceramic without changing tools. Its own starting hole can drill the material. No need to do special treatment, it can open holes in most materials. For certain fragile and brittle materials, the sanded waterjet cutting machine will not cause thermal energy or surface deformation. Therefore, the material can maintain its original appearance and strength. In the ceramic processing industry, the traditional cutting method is sawing blade cutting. Generally, only straight lines can be cut. When it is necessary to cut curves, first make a template that meets the size requirements. After preliminary cutting, it is realized by manual grinding, which is not flexible and it is noisy, dusty, and low in efficiency. The advantages of water cutting ceramics are obvious: firstly, the cut is flat, the cutting quality is high, and there will be no "edge shell-shaped damage" phenomenon on the upper edge of the cut after cutting. Secondly, the cutting accuracy is high, the cutting accuracy reaches 0.1mm, and the seam is uniform, which can be used to make very complex and beautiful puzzles and murals.  The cutting efficiency is fast, and the product consistency and interchangeability are good, which can realize automatic nesting function, improve the working environment, and reduce the impact of dust and noise on operators.

Ultra-high pressure water cutting can complete the cutting of any complex shape at one time. It is an effective tool to realize artistic creation. It is widely used in large-scale buildings and home decoration, which greatly improves the practicality and aesthetics of decoration.

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