14 Head Tile Edge Polisher
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14 Head Tile Edge Polisher

  May 24-2023

Yongtao 14-head tile edge polisher is a tile and stone processing equipment with complete functions and reliable performance. It can process ceramic polished tiles or stone into shaped products such as step bricks and base line bricks at one time. This machine adopts advanced technology and design, has efficient and precise processing ability, and can process finished products with arc gloss above 90 degrees, and its gloss is even higher than that of polished tile surface. The tile edging machine can also quickly complete the 1/4 arc and 45-degree chamfer polishing of polished tiles, making the processing process more efficient and convenient.


Performance advantages:

1. Efficient performance: The tile edge polisher adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which makes the machine run smoothly and quickly, with fast processing speed and high efficiency, which greatly improves production efficiency.

2. High-quality finished products: The machine is equipped with 14 high-speed polishing heads, which can process beautiful finished products with low cost and convenient maintenance.

3. Simple operation: The tile edge polisher is easy to operate, even without professional skills. The processed step bricks and floor tiles are beautiful in quality and can meet the high-end requirements of decoration projects.

4. Durable and reliable: the mechanical girder is laid with 304 stainless steel plate, which has long-term durability. At the same time, the high-quality national standard steel base is used to ensure the stability of the machine, no vibration and low noise, and the quality of the processed finished product is reliable.


Application fields:

Yongtao 14-head tile edge polisher is widely used in tile processing factories, ceramic processing factories, stone processing factories, real estate engineering sites, decoration companies and other fields. It is suitable for processing various tile products, such as stair treads, base liners, step bricks, as well as 45-degree chamfered V-shaped interior walls, side groove tiles on interior walls, etc. No matter in mass production or small batch production environment, the tile edge polisher can demonstrate its efficient and precise processing ability.

Device Configuration:

The equipment configuration of Yongtao 14-head tile edger includes 1 trimming, 1 slotting, 2 45-degree chamfering, 1 30-degree chamfering, 2 down-chamfering and 14 arc polishing heads. These configurations enable the machine to have multiple functions to meet different processing needs.

working principle:

Yongtao 14-head ceramic tile edge polisher adopts advanced technology and precise mechanical structure, which makes the processing process efficient and precise. The operator places the tile or stone to be processed on the machine, and adjusts the processing parameters and working mode according to the demand. The machine uses automatic control and frequency conversion speed regulation technology to start the movement of each processing head to realize various functions such as edge trimming, chamfering, slotting, bottom corner grinding, and arc polishing. During processing, the polishing head can be controlled manually or automatically, equipped with a pneumatic pressure wheel to ensure the stability of processing. The use of imported bearings and electrical components as well as stainless steel screws ensures the reliability and durability of the machine.


Application advantages:

Yongtao 14-head ceramic tile edge polisher has the following advantages:

1. Versatility: The machine can complete a variety of processing requirements for tiles and stones, including trimming, chamfering, slotting, bottom corner grinding, arc polishing, etc., making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

2. High efficiency and energy saving: Adopting frequency conversion speed regulation technology and high-speed polishing head, the machine runs stably and quickly, and the processing speed is fast, which greatly improves the production efficiency. At the same time, the energy-saving design also reduces energy consumption.

3. High-precision finished products: The machine has precise processing capabilities, and the processed finished products are of beautiful quality and high gloss in the radian, which can meet the requirements of high-end decoration.

4. Easy to operate: easy to operate, even without professional skills. The machine runs smoothly, with little vibration and low noise, providing a good working environment.

5. Durable and reliable: The machine is made of high-quality materials and durable components, which has a long service life and stable performance, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.


As an efficient and precise tile and stone processing machine, Yongtao 14-head tile edge polisherr has the characteristics of versatility, high precision and easy operation. It can process step bricks, baseboards and other various tile products quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of different customers.

Whether in tile processing plants, ceramic processing plants, stone processing plants, or in real estate engineering sites and decoration companies, Yongtao 14-head tile edge polisher has demonstrated its excellent performance and wide application value. Its high efficiency and low processing cost make the production process more cost-effective. At the same time, the processed finished products are of beautiful quality and high gloss, providing high-end and luxurious effects for decoration projects.

The machine adopts advanced technology and high-quality materials, which ensure its durability and reliability. The operation is stable, the vibration is small, and the noise is low, providing a comfortable working environment for the operator. The design of the machine is beautiful and generous, and has won unanimous praise from customers.


In a word, Yongtao 14-head tile edge polisher is a high-performance and efficient ceramic tile and stone processing equipment. Its versatility, precision machining capabilities and ease of operation have made it popular in the industry. Not only can it meet different processing needs, but it can also improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and provide high-quality finished products. No matter in large-scale production or small batch processing, Yongtao 14-head tile edge polisher will bring users excellent processing experience and excellent processing results.

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