The Advantages of Waterjet in Stone Processing
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The Advantages of Waterjet in Stone Processing

  Dec 13-2020

1. Development background of waterjet

In the stone and ceramic processing industry, the traditional cutting method is usually saw blade cutting, and generally can only cut straight lines. If you need to cut curves, you need to perform preliminary cutting according to the template and then manually polish. This cutting method is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, not flexible, but also generates a lot of dust and great noise during cutting. Therefore, the waterjet came into being.

Waterjet, which uses water as a knife, its real name is high-pressure water jet cutting technology. This technology was first used in the aerospace and military industry. It is favored for its cold cutting does not change the physical and chemical properties of the material. The technology has been continuously improved. The high-pressure water is mixed with garnet sand, emery and other abrasives to assist cutting, which greatly improves the cutting speed and cutting thickness of the waterjet.

Waterjets have been widely used in ceramics, stone, glass, metal, composite materials and many other industries. Some technologically advanced waterjet supppliers have perfected 3-axis and 4-axis waterjets, and 5-axis waterjets are also becoming mature.

2. Advantages of waterjet in stone processing

The heat generated by the water jet during cutting will be immediately taken away by the high-speed waterjet, and no harmful substances are produced. The material has no thermal effect (cold cutting), and it does not require or easy secondary processing after cutting. It is safe, environmentally friendly, fast with high efficiency, and can realize the cutting processing of any curve, which is convenient, flexible and versatile. The sand in the water can be recycled and reused to save costs. Water cutting is a mature cutting process with good applicability.

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