The Pressure of CNC Waterjet Cutter is Increasing
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The Pressure of CNC Waterjet Cutter is Increasing

  Aug 31-2020

In the past five years, CNC waterjet cutter technology has developed rapidly, from a unique metal cutting method to a reliable cutting tool, which can be seen in many sheet metal processing workshops all over the world. In the past few years, the rise of this technology has left a deep impression on people.

cnc water jet cutting machine

Most of the water cutting equipment manufacturers and users agree that any equipment that can generate 55000-65000 psi pressure can represent the actual level of water cutting work scattered in various processing workshops. At the IMTS 2008 International Machine Tool Expo, the pressure generated by the giant CNC water jet cutter equipment is 60% higher than that of the largest cutting equipment in the past.

As water cutting has become the mainstream of processing technology, people will focus on the operation cost of this equipment, rather than just thinking about the application. In the past, people bought this equipment because it was very outstanding and had extraordinary characteristics. It could cut rubber, titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum. But today, people are more focused on the operating costs of this device.

In the aspect of water cutting technology, the higher pressure produced by it can reduce the operation cost continuously.

For example, a high-pressure water cutting technology designed by a company can produce a continuous operating pressure of 87000 psi. The higher the power generated by the abrasive material in the water jet stream, the higher the cutting equipment can cut at a pressure unit of more than 60000 psi. And the amount of abrasive material used can be reduced accordingly because the higher material speed can improve the metal cutting ability.

Due to the cost problem of grinding materials, it is more and more significant to save the number of materials used. Generally speaking, due to the shortage of supply, the use of materials is increasing all over the world. Taking into account the increasing cost of materials in the United States, if the cost of raw materials in the United States is considered to be increasing, then the cost of processing materials will also be increased.

The higher the pressure of the pump, the greater the stress generated by the internal components. The solution to these powerful new system problems is to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the pipelines, fasteners, seals, and other internal components of these systems.

In the future, all users who use water cutting technology will get an unexpected benefit. The technology used in these water jet high-pressure cutting equipment will become the common technology used in all kinds of machinery. The long service life of the pipeline and quick connection interface will become the standard, which will help to extend the maintenance interval of water cutting equipment.

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