Is the Water of the Water Jet Cutting Machine the Ordinary Tap Water?
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Is the Water of the Water Jet Cutting Machine the Ordinary Tap Water?

Since ancient times, human beings have used the impact of water flow to make hydraulic machinery such as waterwheels and watermills. The waterjet uses ordinary tap water. 90% of users of pure water jets and sand jets only require that the water be softened before entering the booster through the pump inlet filter.

Reverse osmosis and deionization technology can greatly extend the life of the nozzle. After ordinary tap water is passed through a pressurizing device, the pressure is increased to 1000-4000kg/cm2, and then sprayed through a nozzle with a diameter of about 0.1-0.4mm to form a high speed. The speed of the "Water jet" can reach 800-1000m/s (about 3 times the speed of sound), usually, we call this high-speed "water jet". Water jet can be used for various surface treatments and various non-metallic materials cutting such as paper and diapers, glass, fiber, and sponge.

When cutting metal and harder materials such as various stone, glass, ceramics, tiles, etc., we may mix the sand with water jets to enhance its cutting ability. This high-speed sanding water jet cutter can almost cut any material.

To achieve this, there is a relatively high demand for water, pipes, and spouts. For example, the water jet is used to pressurize the water with a high-pressure tool to shoot out. It must have extremely high pressure to cut the hard cutting material. Therefore, the pipeline must be able to withstand extremely high pressure.

This pressure is far greater than 700 MPa, because the thin steel plate (the material being cut) itself can withstand a pressure of 700 MPa.

Because water jet cutter is not a kind of real knife, it does not have the grinding problem like a knife. The abrasive and wastewater mixed in the water jet can be recycled. The equipment is relatively simple and the processing cost is low. The vibration and noise caused by the machining process are very small, and the amount of chips is only 15%-20% of the machining process. And the chips go with the water and will not fly up and hurt the operator, which enables it widely used. The cutting of composite materials is a thorny problem in processing. If traditional processing methods are used, delamination and tearing will occur, and the water jet cutter is an ideal tool to solve this problem. Using a water jet cutter to remove ceramic coatings on components is better than mechanical and chemical methods. Water jet cutter can be used to punch holes and crush materials. The attachments on the surface of the hull and the propellers, and the dirt in the chemical pipelines, are also very convenient to clean by the water jet cutter.

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