Which Aspects Should be Considered When Choosing Waterjet Cutter?
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Which Aspects Should be Considered When Choosing Waterjet Cutter?

  Sep 14-2020

As we all know, water cutting technology has become a particularly common method nowadays, and its own cold state modern processing technology ensures the cutting quality of the equipment, especially in the processing of some metal materials with high thickness, this water cutting technology is undoubtedly recognized as a more ideal processing method. Customers also need to choose reliable water jet products according to their own demands, so as to improve the utilization effect with the help of this kind of water jet equipment.

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Which aspects should be considered when choosing a cnc waterjet cutter

1. Working efficiency of water jet cutter

It is self-evident that the primary purpose of the cutting machine is to cut off the material. In general, the cutting speed of different thickness materials must be very different. If you want to start from this angle, the water jet cutting speed can be calculated. And the speed of the water jet cutting material is a key standard.

2. Durability of equipment

Checking the quality of various parts of the equipment, including high-voltage generator and nozzle, directly determines the failure rate of the equipment. Only by carefully measuring the service life of each part of the water cutter, can the service life of each part of the water knife be improved, and the service life of the water knife can be improved.

3. The maintenance cost of equipment

Each part of the CNC water jet cutting machine has its limited service life. When selecting the water cutting machine, we should not only look at the price of the whole machine, but also pay attention to the cost of each small part, and then calculate the cost of the equipment by comprehensive service life.

In short, with the continuous development of the market economy and the continuous progress of science and technology, many new cutting equipment emerge in endlessly, and as a more popular large-scale equipment in the industry, water jet must be more understanding, in order to choose good equipment suitable for their own. Based on the function and various factors of this kind of water jet equipment, a more reliable device with cost performance is selected, so that the operation of this equipment and its deep processing has better execution space, and it can also really take advantage of the advantages of the water cutter material to bring better guarantee for its plate processing and subsequent production.

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