Manual Tile Cutter
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Manual Tile Cutter

  May 25-2023

Yongtao Manual Tile Cutter is a safe, accurate, portable and durable equipment widely used in the ceramic processing industry. It can cut tiles into a straight shape without chipping, and has the function of manual ruler adjustment. It is an indispensable tile cutting equipment in the ceramic processing industry.

Yongtao brand manual tile cutting machine provides a variety of models to choose from. The size of the 800 type machine is 1500*1300*1400mm, while the size of the 1200 type machine is 2200*1400*1400mm. The blade size is (110-130)*20*2.0mm. For different types of tiles, different types of cutting saw blades can be selected to obtain the most perfect cutting effect.


The manual tile cutter is suitable for all kinds of tiles, including polished tiles, glazed tiles, microcrystalline stones, antique tiles and wood grain tiles, etc. According to requirements, sharp cutting saw blades, wear-resistant cutting saw blades and microcrystalline stone cutting saw blades can be selected.

The weight of the machine is 200-250kg, and the standard voltage is 380v, and 220v voltage can also be customized according to customer requirements. Its functions include cutting and grooving, and can cut various shapes such as rhombus, triangle, polygon, and straight line cutting. The advantage of a manual tile cutter lies in its flexibility and practicality, whether it is a small amount of processing or the cutting of irregular tiles, it is an ideal choice.

Yongtao manual tile cutting machine provides conventional models with a maximum cutting size of 1.2 meters, and can also customize manual tile cutting machines of 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters and 2.4 meters according to customer needs. Especially suitable for limited budget, whether it is small-scale processing or cutting needs of different sizes, this manual tile cutter is a wise choice.

Whether you are in the ceramics industry or doing personal renovations, a manual tile cutter is a must-have tool. It is easy to use, easy to operate, and can meet your various tile cutting needs. Choose Yongtao manual tile cutters to provide efficient, precise and reliable cutting solutions for your work.

Yongtao manual tile cutter is manufactured with high-quality materials and precision workmanship to ensure its stability and durability. At the same time, the manual ruler adjustment function makes the cutting process more precise and flexible, and the size can be adjusted as needed to ensure that the cut tiles meet the precise requirements.


The advantages of the cutting machine are not only reflected in its excellent performance, but also in its light and portable characteristics. The machine is compact in size and moderate in weight, making it easy to carry and move. This makes manual tile cutters ideal for construction on site, renovation work, and cutting tiles both indoors and outdoors.

Whether it is a professional tile processing factory or an individual user, manual tile cutters can meet various needs. It is capable of cutting different types of tiles, including flat tiles, corner tiles, triangular tiles, and more. Whether making simple straight cuts or complex multi-edged cuts, manual tile cutters can do it all.

Choose Yongtao manual tile cutter, you will enjoy efficient, precise and reliable cutting experience. Whether working on a home improvement or a commercial project, a manual tile cutter can help you achieve precise tile cuts with ease. It is a reliable tile cutting machine that saves you time and labor costs while maintaining the quality and aesthetics of the cutting results.

In the tile processing industry, Yongtao manual tile cutters are highly praised for their high efficiency, safety and durability. Whether cutting standard size tiles or dealing with irregular shapes, it is your indispensable right-hand man. Choose Yongtao manual tile cutter to make your tile cutting work easier, faster and more accurate.

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