Use Tips For Water Jet Cutting Machine
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Use Tips For Water Jet Cutting Machine

  Mar 05-2019
Use Tips For Water Jet Cutting Machine
Foshan ceramic technology specializing in the production of glass water knife cutting machine, stone water jet cutting machine, stainless steel water jet cutting machine, ceramic water jet cutting machine, steel plate water jet cutting machine, water knife pressing machine, granite water knife cutting machine, gantry water jet cutting machine, cantilever type water jet cutting machine, five axis water jet cutting machine.Water jet cutting machine process will encounter many problems in the use, for experienced people can be very simple question, but for beginners often it takes a lot of time and energy, yong tao water knife small make up today is to introduce a water jet cutting machine of the eight use skills.

water jet cutting machine

1, cutting thick material When cutting thickness is less than 2.5 the material, the use of medium or large production of cutting head is not high, if need be, can be combined using small parameter), and consider using long cutting, to increase production.

2, when cutting seam gas Avoid cutting seam gas is greater than 0.5 mm, the nozzle has a tendency to spread in the seam gas, thus katyn when cutting the lower surface roughness, the stack, cutting the sheet neatly stacked together.
Smaller abrasive items (120 or smaller) will lower the speed slightly, but can produce a smoother surface (compared to 80 or 50).

3, production cost to calculate the cost of production per inch is not calculated per hour per inch, run a sand water knife costs per hour is not very important, the most important thing is that, at a given time period, how many parts you can produce.

4, through the controller to increase or decrease in the water If you regularly cut composite materials, glass and stone, to ensure that the system has the ability through the controller to increase or decrease the water pressure, at the same time, you should also research vacuum assistive technology or other technologies, to improve the success rate of puncture fragile or laminated materials.

5. The control system specially designed for process is specially designed for the process, which is usually more efficient and easier to use than general multi-process control.

6, the automatic up-down material Most machines do not use automatic up-down techniques such as the shuttle, only when the material handling occupy a significant proportion in parts production costs can only be considered when using automatic shangdi, 90% of the sand water knife is manually up-down material, or with the help of a simple crane, derrick crane or forklift.

7, ordinary tap water system is using ordinary tap water, 90% of the pure water water and sand water knife users require only water in the pump suction filter before entering the supercharging device must be made via softening treatment, reverse osmosis and deionization technology for water purification, become "unsaturated" water, the water easily absorb the ions in the surrounding environment, such as pump and high pressure in the lead tube metal, reverse osmosis and deionization technology can greatly extend the life of the nozzle, as well as costly damage to the turbocharger and the high-pressure pipe, nozzle is cheap, high pressure cylinder, the check valve and the end cover losses will be far greater than the benefits of the nozzle life extension.
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