2-Blade CNC Ceramic Cutting Machine
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2-Blade CNC Ceramic Cutting Machine

  May 23-2023

When it comes to CNC ceramic cutting machines, the Model 1200 2-Blade CNC ceramic cutting machine is an excellent model developed and produced by China Yongtao Machinery. It is specially designed for ceramic tiles up to 1.2 meters wide, with excellent cutting ability and precision. The following are the main features and advantages of this model:


1. Cutting function: The tile cutting machine can cut a 1.2-meter-wide ceramic tile into two tiles of equal size by cutting one into two. This CNC cutting method ensures highly accurate cutting results.

2. Accuracy and stability: This model adopts imported oil-bubble precision screw rod as the stopper, which ensures the high precision and stability of processing. The belt is stuck inside the mechanical beam to prevent the belt from stretching or moving, and to ensure the accuracy of cutting.

3. Cutter head cooling system: The cutting head adopts dual cooling system of oil cooling and water cooling. This design allows the cutter head to rotate at high speed without overheating, effectively prolonging the service life of the bearing.

4. Efficient processing: The 1200 CNC ceramic cutting machine is equipped with a CNC touch screen control system and frequency conversion speed regulation function, which can flexibly adjust the processing speed according to needs. It can cut ceramics quickly and accurately, greatly reducing processing costs.

5. Simple operation: This model adopts an intuitive CNC touch screen control system, which makes the operation easy to understand. Even beginners can easily operate the cutting machine.

6. High-quality cutting effect: Whether it is cutting polished tiles, glazed tiles or antique tiles, this model can achieve excellent cutting effects. The processed ceramic tiles will not produce edge jumping, which ensures the quality of the final product.

7. Wide range of processing: This CNC ceramic cutting machine is capable of processing ceramic tiles with a maximum size of 1200x1200mm and cutting them into specifications of 1200x600mm. It can be applied to various ceramic types, including polished tiles, glazed tiles and antique tiles, etc.

8. Numerical control to adjust the size: the touch screen is used to adjust the size, which is easy and precise to operate. Users can easily adjust the cutting size according to their needs to ensure the accuracy of each ceramic tile.


9. High-precision cutting: Model 1200 ceramic tile cutting machine is famous for its excellent processing precision, and the cutting precision can reach 0.01mm. It accurately cuts regular, blemish-free ceramic tiles, giving each tile a consistent size and appearance.

10. Excellent cutting effect: Using this cutting machine for ceramic cutting can ensure the integrity and flatness of the cutting edge. There will be no edge jumping during the cutting process, thus ensuring the high-quality appearance and performance of the cut ceramic tiles.

11. High-speed processing: This model is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation function, and the cutting speed can be adjusted according to needs. Whether it is small batch production or large-scale production, it can efficiently complete the cutting task and improve production efficiency.

12. Low processing cost: Using 1200 type ceramic cutting machine for ceramic processing can reduce processing cost. Its high precision and high efficiency enable the processing time and reject rate of each ceramic tile to be effectively controlled, thereby improving production efficiency.

13. Stability and durability: This model adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, and has good stability and durability. The mechanical structure is solid and can maintain high-quality cutting performance during long hours of work.

14. Convenient operation: 1200 CNC tile cutting machine is easy to understand in design and easy to operate. With the CNC touch screen control system, users can easily set the cutting size, adjust the cutting speed and monitor the processing process. Even beginners can quickly get started with this ceramic cutting machine.

15. Ceramic quality assurance: This CNC ceramic cutting machine adopts advanced cutting technology and knives to ensure that each cut ceramic tile has a high-quality appearance and perfect size. During the cutting process, there will be no quality problems such as damage, deformation or edge jumping, which ensures the consistency and reliability of the final product.

16. Extended service life of bearings: The cutting head adopts dual cooling system of oil cooling and water cooling to ensure that the cutting head will not overheat when rotating at high speed. This not only protects the quality of the knives and cut surfaces, but also extends the life of the bearings, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.


17. Safety considerations: In the design, the ceramic cutting machine takes safety factors into consideration. Equipped with protective cover and safety sensor to ensure the safety of operators. At the same time, the compact mechanical structure and stable design reduce the risk of accidents.

18. Reliable after-sales service: As a product of China Yongtao Machinery, Model 1200 ceramic cutting machine provides reliable after-sales service and technical support. Users have access to training, repair and spare parts support to ensure equipment is always in top working condition.

In a word, the 1200 type front and rear 2-knife CNC ceramic cutting machine is a ceramic processing machine with powerful functions and stable performance. Its high-precision cutting, easy operation and excellent cutting results make it ideal for the ceramic processing industry. Whether it is a large-scale ceramic production enterprise or a personal tile processing factory, you can rely on this model to achieve efficient and precise ceramic cutting.

In general, the 1200 type front and rear 2-knife CNC ceramic cutting machine has become an indispensable mechanical equipment in the field of ceramic processing due to its cutting accuracy, easy operation and excellent cutting effect. It not only improves production efficiency and product quality, but also reduces processing costs. Whether in mass production or personal creation, this cutting machine can meet various ceramic cutting needs. More detailed information related to it, such as technical specifications, working principle, cutting speed and other information of this tile cutting machine.

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