Water Jet Cutting Machine Features
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Water Jet Cutting Machine Features

  Mar 05-2019
Water Jet Cutting Machine Features
Water jet cutting machine,In the case of the old statement, the old sentence, in the water jet. All kinds of hard material such as metal, stone material, ceramics, glass is very easy for it; With the gentle Ke rou, also on the water jet to fulfill the fulfillment, rubber, foam, fiber and other materials cutting just as handy; Water jet cutting is a cold cutting, no dust, no smoke, no toxicity No smell. The cutting speed is high precision, small incision and smooth. The equipment has been widely used in metal, ceramic, stone and automobile, aviation and other fields. The water jet does not produce heat and harmful material when cutting, and the material has no thermal effect (cold cutting). It does not need or is easy to be processed twice.

high pressure water jet

China foshan yong tao company specializing in the production of various types of water jet cutting machine, there are three kinds of water jet cutting machine, five axis CNC water jet cutting machine, small water jet cutting machine, such as water jet cutting machine, is a well-known water jet cutting machine manufacturers in China.

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