The Processing Speed of Porcelain Cutting Machine Can Be Adjusted by Numerical Control
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The Processing Speed of Porcelain Cutting Machine Can Be Adjusted by Numerical Control

  Feb 22-2021

A brief introduction of the processing speed of porcelain

The processing speed of porcelain cutting machine is CNC adjustable, which is the demand of ceramic tile processing plants at present. Because the price is not high and the processing speed is fast, it is very suitable for large ceramic tile processing plants compared to manual operation.

The porcelain cutting machine realizes the speed adjustment through the numerical control. The operation is simple, the ceramic tile processing quantity is large and the speed can be adjusted at any time. The processed ceramic tile has the advantages of high yield, smooth processing edge and good handle. Also it saves labor and time.

After many times of research and development, porcelain cutting machine manufacturers according to the needs of customers continue to improve after forming, automatic speed adjustment and automatic size adjustment. Adopting precision technology manufacturing, this machine is really anti manual. The quality of the ceramic tile is good, the shape of the ceramic tile is more smooth ,and faster than the general manual porcelain tile cutting machine. According to the forming characteristics of ceramic tile, double-control two-way synchronous quantitative feeding is adopted. Once it is opened, it can be automatic processing.

The processing size of porcelain tile cutting machine can also be adjusted. Each time you need to process different sizes of tiles, you just need to input the value on the operation panel to automatically adjust. This is currently on the market for large processing porcelain tile machinery, which can greatly improve the processing speed.

Correct installation and operation for numerical control adjustment of porcelain cutting machine:

1. Check whether each part of the machine is normal before operation.

2. Check whether all screws on the machine are tightened.

3. After starting the machine, put the porcelain on the cutting platform and turn on the circulating water system of the machine.

4. The size of the tiles at startup can be adjusted by the button on the top of the machine to meet your needs. Start the machine after the adjustment.

5. According to the variety of porcelain, adjust the cutting speed and choose a right cutting blade.

6. If everything is ready, start to produce the porcelain, and watch the effect when processing.

7. After operation is normal and processing of porcelain is smooth, see the effect of porcelain. If the size of the head and tail is not same, check the conveyor belt whether is deviant, if it is deviant, adjust the head screw until its direction is right. The user should grasp the correct operation method of porcelain cutting machine before processing.

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