Steps and Installation Precautions for Changing Cutting Pieces of Tile Cutting Machine
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Steps and Installation Precautions for Changing Cutting Pieces of Tile Cutting Machine

  Feb 15-2021

Tile cutting machine is one of the commonly used equipments for processing ceramic tiles. For beginners, although the operation is simple, they will not be able to meet some failures or change the blade. For example, for changing the blades of tile cutting machine, it's difficult for you to change without some knowledge.

The methods and installation precautions for changing cutting pieces of porcelain tile cutting machine.

1. How to change the blade of tile cutting machine?

(1) Turn off the main power supply or remove the plug.

(2) Locate the position of the cutting blade shaft of the cutting machine.

(3) Press the protruding cylinder in the middle of the bearing box, and rotate the shaft with the other hand. The direction of rotation does not matter. The best way is to swing the shaft substantially by hand. At the same time, when the pressed cylinder meets a hole in the shaft, the cylinder pin enters the hole, and the shaft cannot rotate.

(4) Press down the cylinder and use an adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the fastening bolt from the cutting piece.

(5) Remove the outer protective disk, paper pad and damaged cutting piece in turn. The inner protective disks should not be removed. Put in the new cutting piece, and then install the paper pad and protective disk in turn.

2. Installation precautions of tile cutting machine for changing cutting pieces.

(1) When installing, make sure the direction of saw blade arrow is consistent with the rotation direction of equipment spindle.

(2) When installing the saw blade, keep the shaft, chuck and flange clean. The inside diameter of the flange is the same as the inside diameter of the saw blade to ensure that the flange is tightly combined with the saw blade. Install the locating pin and tighten the nut. The size of the flange should be appropriate, the outer diameter should not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade.

The above is the steps of changing cutting pieces of tile cutting machine. Some basic knowledge is also needed for the use of cutting machine. Only when you know the basic knowledge, can you operate other operations. Blind operation is forbidden to avoid causing harm.

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