Operation Specification of Ceramic Processing Machinery
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Operation Specification of Ceramic Processing Machinery

  Dec 01-2020

Large ceramic plates are popular now, not only because they are large, but also they have many advantages over other types of tiles, such as good appearance, less joints and so on. Since the size of large ceramic plates are quiet big, it is impossible to cut them with ordinary ceramic processing machinery. So what kind of machine can be used to cut large ceramic plates? Large ceramic plates cutting machine is a good solution to large ceramic plates.

Large-scale ceramic plates and rock plates are chosen to be paved in a lot of interior decoration. A few large ceramic plates can easily spread the ground. Moreover, it looks relatively graceful from the outlook with few joints, and it is easy to take care of and clean up, which is a good choice for decoration. Large ceramic plates cutting machine’s working principle is similar to the tiles cutting of ceramic polishing machinery, which just needs to put required size data into the numerical control which will automatically adjust the size. And the block ruler will automatically push the plates to achieve continuous cutting.

In recent years, the rise of large ceramic plates requires large ceramic plates cutting machine to cut these materials which are popular in the decoration industry. Ceramic processing plants have bought more large ceramic plates cutting machines so as to meet the local market demand.The unique beauty of the large ceramic plates can not be shown without good large ceramic plates cutting machine, though the plates are so beautiful.

Large ceramic plates cutting machine

Features of large ceramic plates cutting machine:

1. Infrared positioning tool, which can position the size well.

2. With cylinder and ruler positioning, it is more convenient and stable in operation.

3. Forming with good consistency. It can directly process the large ceramic plate without edge collapsing.

4. Operation with programming software, which is intuitive, fast, and easy to use.

5. Imported servo and screw guide is adopted, which is high speed, stable and reliable.

6. The large ceramic plate is stably transported in and out, and the cutting and processing are separated from the upper and lower plates, which is convenient and efficient.

7. Button, remote integrated panel is adopted, which is quick and easy to operate.

Quite a number of ceramic processing machines look the same from outside, but it is necessary to use the large ceramic plates cutting machine when the large tiles needs cutting without twice treating on the surface, which can process the large tiles well.

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