Manual CNC Tile Cutting Machine
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Manual CNC Tile Cutting Machine

  Jul 27-2023

With the continuous development of the construction industry, the use of ceramic tiles, quartz stones, sintered stones and artificial stones is becoming more and more widespread, and the demand for high-precision and multi-functional tile cutting equipment is becoming more and more urgent. In this context, China Yongtao Machinery has developed an exciting tile cutting machine-1200 manual CNC tile cutting machine according to customer needs. This equipment has attracted widespread attention in the industry for its excellent performance and flexible cutting methods.

CNC Tile Cutting Machine

1. Multi-material cutting capability

The Model 1200 Manual CNC Tile Cutter is an innovative product that is truly capable of multi-material cutting. Not only can it efficiently cut all kinds of tiles, but it can also easily handle materials such as quartz stone, sintered stone and engineered stone. This feature makes the equipment perform well in various stone processing scenarios, providing users with a wider choice and application space.

Manual CNC Tile Cutter

2. Flexible size customization

Model 1200 manual CNC tile cutting machine has excellent size and flexible customization function. Under the normal configuration, this model can cut the maximum size of 1.2 meters, but in order to meet the different needs of customers, users can also customize models of 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters and 2.4 meters. This enables the equipment to cope with larger size cutting and meet the cutting requirements of different projects.

Manual CNC tile cutting machine

3. Diversified cutting modes

The diversified cutting modes of the 1200 manual CNC tile cutting machine bring more possibilities for users' tile processing. The equipment can not only complete straight line cutting, but also can easily cope with the tasks of cutting small squares and cutting triangles. This makes the equipment suitable for situations where various types of irregular tiles need to be processed, saving users a lot of labor and time costs.

Manual CNC Ceramic Tile Cutter

4. CNC size adjustment, high precision cutting

Model 1200 manual CNC tile cutting machine adopts CNC size adjustment technology, which makes the cutting accuracy higher and more stable. The use of oil-bubble screw guide rails further improves the cutting accuracy of the equipment, ensuring that the size of each tile is accurate. High-precision cutting not only improves product quality, but also saves material waste for users and significantly improves cost performance.

Manual CNC Ceramic Tile Cutting Machine

5. Easy to operate and improve work efficiency

In addition to the excellent cutting performance, the 1200 manual CNC tile cutting machine is also designed with a simple and easy-to-understand operation interface, which makes the operation of the equipment extremely convenient. Even inexperienced operators can quickly get started and improve work efficiency. This user-friendly design concept further enhances the practicality and user satisfaction of the device.

Model 1200 manual CNC tile cutting machine, as an innovative product developed and produced by China Yongtao Machinery according to customer needs, has shown excellent performance in the field of tile cutting. Its multi-material cutting ability, flexible size customization, diversified cutting modes and CNC size adjustment make the equipment perform well in different application scenarios and bring users a brand-new ceramic tile processing experience. At the same time, the simple operation interface and high-precision cutting performance further improve the work efficiency, making this equipment a bright pearl in the ceramic tile processing industry. It is believed that in the near future, the 1200 manual CNC tile cutting machine will gain wider recognition and application in the market.

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