The function and purpose of water jet cutting machine
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The function and purpose of water jet cutting machine

  Nov 16-2020

Water jet cutting machine, this cutting technology is a multi-purpose, modern cutting technology with perfect performance. Its biggest feature is the high pressure and high energy jet beam processing of non-heat sources. The athermal process in cutting can be done in many fields. There are advantages that other devices cannot compare. It has many characteristics: no thermal deformation, flat cut, no dust, and no pollution. And it also helps reduce material waste. The function and use of water jets penetrate production and life and bring tremendous changes to our production and life. It is a modern industrial application carrier and crystallization of modern technology.

high pressure water jet

1. In metal processing

Among the many cutting methods, water cutting is a special kind of cold cutting. It uses the kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet to cut the metal to achieve the purpose of cutting. There is no chemical change in the cutting process. It has no effect on the material performance and causes no heat, deformation, with a narrow slit, high precision, smooth cut surface, clean and pollution-free features.

2. In the aviation manufacturing industry

In the late 1970s, the aerospace industry used pure water jets to cut soft materials such as soft plastics, carpets, foam, and fabric seats. As many aerospace companies seek high-rate and more flexible production methods, manufacturers realized that they need a processing method for cutting hard materials, so sand cutting technology came into being. It can cut materials such as carbon fiber composite materials, aluminum, and its alloys, stainless steel, titanium, and its alloys. A complete system uses a fully integrated multi-axis motion control to provide high-precision metal-cutting solutions, so that it can be used to cut aircraft fuselage, tail, wing section, turbine blades, and switchboards up to thickness 8-inch sheet metal parts and rubber and plastic parts that require a smooth and flat cutting surface and no delamination. It is worth noting that the common fault solutions of the water jet cutting machine also need to be flexibly mastered.

3. In the paper industry

It is used for slitting kraft paper, corrugated boxboard, etc., without causing dust pollution. In the electronics industry, it is used for contour cutting of printed circuit boards.

4. In the textile industry

It is used to cut multilayer fabrics, which can improve cutting efficiency and reduce edge damage.

5. In the ceramic stone industry

The main processing machinery in the ceramic stone industry is widely used. Its notable feature is to cover all the curve cutting of ceramic stone. It also includes the scope of application of some large-scale, complicated and cumbersome cutting. The cases include large-scale ceramic murals, floor mosaics in the lobby, ceramic screens, cabinets and special-shaped countertops, stone furniture.

6. In modern medicine industry

Medical water jet technology has been widely used in surgical operations such as trauma surgery and ENT surgery. With the continuous leaps in medical technology, in the treatment of tumors, the impact of high-pressure spiral water can be used to crush liver parenchymal cells. The effect is that the bile ducts, arteries, portal veins and hepatic veins in the liver are exposed intact, and there is no heat damage, which minimizes the chance of bleeding and bile leakage and shortens the operation time. By changing the pressure and flow rate, not only can the purpose of selectively dissecting human tissues be achieved, but also specific tissues can be maintained to the greatest extent. Therefore, it has the advantages of less trauma, less bleeding, and less postoperative complications.

With the development of medical technology, there is a better choice for local sculptures, that is, water jet liposuction, which allows water to be sprayed out in a mist-like manner, and the water pressure breaks the fat, and the metal pipes enter and exit without resistance. The sucked metal tube simultaneously sucks out the fat and the previously injected liquid. It causes no pain, no bruising, low swelling after surgery, the skin after surgery is regular. In a word, it brings high satisfaction to patients.

With the rapid development of water jet cutting machine technology, I believe that it will be applied to many other fields in the future and give full play to its greater value.

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