High-Pressure Water Jet Cutter
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High-Pressure Water Jet Cutter

  May 03-2023

High-Pressure Water Jet Cutter

The emergence of ultra-high pressure water jet cutter technology has greatly changed the traditional cutting method. Because of its high speed, high precision, no thermal deformation, no burrs and other advantages, it has become an indispensable cutting method in modern industrial manufacturing and processing. It is widely used in the cutting of stone, metal, ceramics, glass, cement products, paper, food, plastic, fabric, polyurethane, wood, leather, rubber, ammunition and other materials.

high-pressure water jet cutter

high-pressure water jet cutter

There are two forms of ultra-high pressure water jet cutter: pure water cutting and abrasive cutting. Pure water cutting is suitable for cutting soft materials, such as food, rubber, paper, etc.; abrasive cutting is suitable for hard materials, such as metal, ceramics, stone, etc. In abrasive cutting, the abrasive is mixed into the high-pressure water flow, which increases the abrasive force of the cutting, which has the advantage of faster speed and better cutting effect, thus achieving more efficient cutting.

5 axis water jet


As a high-tech cutting technology, water jet cutting equipment requires professional skills and experience to operate and maintain. If you need water jet cutting equipment, China Yongtao Machinery Company is your best choice. We are a professional water jet cutting equipment manufacturer with many years of production experience and high-quality products. Our products cover a variety of specifications such as three-axis water jet cutting machines and five-axis water jet cutting machines, and we can also customize special water jet cutting equipment for customers. Whether you need to cut metal, glass, ceramics, stone, etc., or need to cut flammable and explosive materials, we can provide professional solutions and high-quality services.

In terms of cutting materials, ultra-high pressure water jet cutter technology has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to metal, stone, ceramics, plastic, wood, paper, food, rubber, etc. Since water jet cutting does not affect the physical and mechanical properties of materials, it is widely used in fields that require precision cutting and maintaining the integrity of materials, such as aerospace, defense, medical devices, semiconductors, etc.

water jet cutting machine


Ultra-high pressure water jet cutting technology is adopted by more and more enterprises and institutions because of its high efficiency, precision and environmental protection. Yongtao Machinery is a professional manufacturer of ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machines. Its products include three-axis and five-axis water jet cutting machines, which can meet various cutting needs of customers. As an enterprise with many years of production experience, Yongtao Machinery's product quality and service have been well received by users.

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