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To process ceramic tile or stone badge for lobby floor, commonly used water jet cutting machine. Processing ceramic tile floor badge, choose 2015 model 5 axis water jet cutting machine, processing stone floor badge, choose 3020 model CNC 5 axis water jet cutting machine.
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Yongtao water jet cutting machine processing ceramic tile products are widely used in: lobby floor badges, family living room floor badge, ceramic murals, ceramic tile background wall parquet

Water jet cutting ceramic for marble parquet, the process flow of high-pressure water jet as below:
1. Turn on the high pressure pump motor at the main console (PLC)
2. High pressure pump working
3. The water in the tank is pull out
4. Pressurized by high-pressure pump
5. Through the pipeline and control valve

Nozzle outside wall cleaning process:
1. Car left move (Touch sensor)
2. Upper tubing (the mounting cylinder starts to work upward)
3. Inside the circle clamp inside out
4. Rotating motor rotation
5. Open the nozzle to clean the outer wall of the pipe.

Water jet cutting ceramic marble parquet, inner wall cleaning process:
1. Replace the clamping position (outer circle clamping, inner circle contraction)
2. The car right move
3. Once cleaning the inner wall of the jet cleaning pipe, the motor inversion will be completed
4. Back up the electric car once or twice to finish cleaning
5. Lower tubing (unloading cylinder starts to top up).

Ceramic tile is one of the very common adornment in our household, the ceramic tile with bright-coloured color, can bring relaxed and cheerful atmosphere that occupy the home, and the ceramic tile with darker color, can pass a host steadier life manner, it may be said is each has his own merits. So what do you know about the Mosaic pattern for tile laying? So next, we take everybody to see 4 kinds of ceramic tile shop with disparate style stick parquet design, believe to be able to have one just to suit your home.
Hotel lobby tile floor medallion
This is a luxury European duplex villa, integral area is bigger, take the door is corridor of a long porch, having the sense of grand atmosphere while, still brought endless outspread feeling. To set off the high-grade atmosphere of the whole villa, so we use the white ceramic tile that taking black flower ornament, all show elegant atmosphere. The condole of classic modelling supports, as it happens echo with ceramic tile. The carved designs of metope on both sides are more luxurious and delicate.

The condole of porch of white hollow out of symmetrical type supports, although show the moment in the regular rules slightly, but whole does not break elegant and classic feeling however. Of the ground laid is the ceramic tile of light color, use rhombus inclined shop method, break order of traditional laid, bring different vision to enjoy. The metope of cream-colored collocation is white bedroom door, typical Europe type style, reveal a sweet and comfortable atmosphere that occupy the home.
Hotel tile floor medallion
This porch is the design of contemporary Chinese style, so on the choice of ceramic tile, used original wood floor, while bringing full-bodied Chinese style restoring ancient ways flavor, still appear very grave.The ground of primitive wood lubricious style, the large chest of deep brown on collocation, in capacious porch place reveals a antique look feeling. Such ground design accords with the aesthetic of old people very much, if the home basically is old people to live, so old person can like very much certainly.

The last ceramic tile shop sticks pattern of spell a flower to be in porch place as before, but this and the 3 before differ somewhat, this is the black white shop that adds an edge to stick a law all round, black and white two kinds of visual impact are extremely strong color, each other crisscrosses together, present the visual effect that gives exceed contemporary already, won't appear too massiness again.But the ceramic tile of this kind of type still does not suit large area laid, large area laid is in sitting room or it is bedroom lamp place, cause depressive feeling easily, the place such as the porch of small area, kitchen and toilet undertakes laying.
Tile water jet medallion
The above is about four kinds of ceramic tile shop stick the display of pattern of ceramic parquet, in fact, in addition to these four kinds of ceramic pattern, there are many other types of ceramic pattern, when choosing the pattern of ceramic tile, the most important or style and the decoration style of the whole bedroom match.

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