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Metal Processing Industry

Cutting Metal
With mature products and application of the expansion, ultrahigh pressure CNC water jet cutting machine into a growth, this also want to thanks to the rapid development of the mechanical industry in recent years. Relying on the higher accuracy of digital machine tools, we can use the water jet cutting machine to make elaborate processing. The application scope of water cutting is extended to a wider range of metal processing fields in the industry, not only limited to the processing of glass, ceramics, stone and other materials.
cnc water jet
Take metal cutting as an example, all kinds of processing methods, including laser, flame cutting (plasma cutting), spark cutting, wire cutting, etc. All kinds of cutting methods have their own advantages, but also have certain limitations, respectively occupied a part of the market. But in many means of cutting, water cutting belong to a special type of cold cutting, directly by using the high pressure water jet mixed abrasive to achieve metal cutting, no chemical change during the process of cutting, physical and chemical properties of cutting material to no influence, no thermal deformation, narrow cutting gap, high precision and smooth section, clean and pollution-free advantages, can be cut materials, which are difficultly processed by the traditional method, such as glass, ceramics, composite material, reflective material, chemical fiber, heat sensitive materials.
Example of water jet cut metal
With the further deepening of people's understanding of water cutting technology, the market gradually recognized the unique advantages of water cutting technology in the metal cutting industry. Taking laser cutting as an example, in the aspect of metal sheet cutting, the speed and precision of laser cutting are better than water jet cutting, but generally speaking, it is difficult for laser to cut metal plate (especially non-ferrous metal) larger than 16mm, and the surrounding area of laser cutting material still has some thermal influence.Water jet cutting metal material thickness generally can reach more than 50 mm, and had no influence on the material, cut metal finish 1.6 um, cutting precision of +/- 0.10 mm, can be used for precision forming cutting, in addition, the water cut in the aspect of non-ferrous metal and stainless steel cutting has a unique, no reflective effect and edge losses. And there is no limit to the water jet cutting material.Combined with these factors, many early users of laser or other cutting methods choose water jet cutting machine.
Metal processed by water jet cutter
As a result of the water jet cnc platform with ball screw and linear rolling guide precision drive technology, control precision is within +0.02 mm, at the same time, with abrasive water jet nozzle and cutting head of focused performance and long life of the water jet nozzle material technology breakthrough, match with our company’s 400 Mpa high-power ultra-high pressure system of continuous smooth work, application of full automatic for sand, sand control, and high pressure water, stop control system, makes the water jet cutting machine can 24 hours continuous cutting and automatic processing.
Stainless steel cut with water jet machine
In the metal cutting industry, the pursuit of high quality, high efficiency of direct forming processing, is the current international mainstream development trend. Water jet cutting machine is targeted at this demand, and continue to innovate in the relevant technical applications. As including precision ball screw, servo motor, harmonic reducer unit the emergence of technology, such as the location of the machine tool can achieve higher precision, backlash compensation, repetitive positioning accuracy increased, machine tool manufacturers to put more energy into the cause of machine tool geometric error analysis, by adopting the cue measuring instrument and precision measuring instruments such as the laser interferometer to test machine tool geometric accuracy, and to establish a mapping table to give error correction precision, in order to manufacture high-precision machine tools.The selection of parts and components, manufacturing process and quality inspection are the guarantee to improve the precision and stability of cnc machine tools.
Water jet cutting steel plate
"Water jet cutting machine" more powerful computer aided design and control, especially when the cutting corner and sharp corner, the machine will automatically slow down, to make the cut surface is bright and clean smooth, combined with the water jet cutting had the characteristics of grinding, which makes water jet on the cutting quality and efficiency has a great change and improve, and can be directly used for forming cutting processing of metal parts.

Ultra-high pressure water jet cutting technology application in the field of metal for many years, at present, because of its perfect function, more efficient, especially as a decline in the cost of investment and use, makes the water jet cutting technology and equipment has been more attention, water jet cutting machine using upsurge has been on the rise, our company "YONGTAO water jet cutting machine" is willing to promote the application of water jet and popularity to make unremitting efforts. At the same time, we hope that more people of insight and we work together to study and explore, jointly promote the in-depth development of water jet cutting machine application technology.

Cutting stainless steel
Stainless steel products are made of stainless steel materials, which are the main raw materials. With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, stainless steel products in industry, and people's life in each field of application more and more widely. Common stainless steel products such as stainless steel tableware, kitchen appliances, sanitary ware, hardware accessories, display cabinet shelves, medical equipment and so on.
Сomplex cut of steel with a water jet
Stainless steel products in the early production needs a lot of cutting, cutting process.With the improvement of living standard, people have higher and higher aesthetic requirements for stainless steel products.

Traditional hot cutting process, rough workmanship, will produce arc marks, greatly affecting the beauty of stainless steel products. Using water cutting technology, first of all, through computer programming, all the cutting and punching procedures can be completed at one time, cut and section quality is good, accurate, no thermal deformation, no need or conducive to secondary processing.

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