CNC Stone Bridge Saw
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CNC Stone Bridge Saw

  May 25-2023

The Yongtao 3200 Series Three-Axis CNC Stone Bridge Saw is equipped with advanced technologies such as infrared alignment, microcomputer program control, and hydraulic transmission. CNC Stone Bridge Saw, It offers fast cutting speed, high precision, and excellent consistency, making it particularly suitable for cutting large slabs and high-value stone materials. It is primarily used for the cutting and processing of marble, slate, and other stone materials. 

Featuring a compact integrated structure, the machine is characterized by its small size, easy transportation, installation, and setup, high precision, and simple operation. It is especially suitable for users with limited workspace or those who frequently operate in mobile work environments. The cutting head can rotate 90 degrees, and the working table can tilt vertically from 0 to 85 degrees. With its compact design and user-friendly features, this machine offers convenience and efficiency.


Key Features of the Three-Axis CNC Stone Bridge Saw:

1. One-key positioning and preservation of original slab edges with intuitive and user-friendly programming software.

2. Simple and user-friendly operating system with imported linear guides for high-speed, smooth, and reliable performance.

3. Customizable cutting blade speed to ensure precise cutting without damaging the surface of the stone or tile.

4. Hydraulic transmission system for fast cutting speed, high cutting precision, and easy operation with stability and reliability.

5. Cutting head rotation of 90 degrees and vertical table tilt range of 0 to 85 degrees to accommodate various cutting angles.

6. Suitable for narrow workshops and mobile work environments due to its compact integrated structure, offering easy installation and mobility.


7. Ideal for cutting large slabs and high-value materials with excellent consistency and high cutting precision achieved through infrared alignment and microcomputer program control.

8. Simple operation with one-key positioning and preservation of original slab edges function, intuitive and fast programming software to enhance work efficiency.

9. Equipped with imported linear guides for high-speed, smooth, and reliable performance, ensuring cutting precision and stability.

10. Adjustable cutting blade speed to meet different cutting requirements, minimizing material waste by preventing damage to stone and tile surfaces.

11. Maximum cutting length of 3.2 meters, suitable for cutting various materials such as slate, stone, marble, quartz, and more.


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