Basic Knowledge of CNC Waterjet Cutter(1)
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Basic Knowledge of CNC Waterjet Cutter(1)

  Aug 10-2020

*What are the characteristics and advantages of NC water jet cutter?

*What kind of accuracy can the CNC water jet cutter achieve?

*What is the maximum thickness of the CNC water jet cutter?

*What is the working principle of a high-pressure pump (high-pressure generator)?

*What factors affect the efficiency of the CNC water jet cutter?

*How to choose a good water jet cutting machine?

*How much is the cost of the CNC water jet cutting machine?

*What are the common faults of NC water jet cutter and how to eliminate them? Wait a minute... I'll explain them one by one.

water jet cutter

1. What is the CNC water jet cutter?

CNC water jet cutter is a plane cutting machine which combines the ultra-high pressure water jet generator and two-dimensional NC machining platform. It can raise the pressure of water flow to high enough (above 200MPa) to make water flow have great kinetic energy. It can penetrate the chemical fiber, wood, leather, rubber, etc. Mixing with a certain proportion of abrasive in high-speed water flow can penetrate almost all hard materials, such as ceramics, stone, glass, metal, and alloy. Under the guidance of the two-dimensional NC machining platform, machining can be started or finished at any position of the material, and moving at an appropriate speed according to the set trajectory, so as to realize the plane cutting processing of any figure.

2. What are the characteristics and advantages of the CNC water jet cutter?

Compared with the traditional "hot" cutting technology, the ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine is a "cold" cutting technology, which takes water as cutting medium. It has the following functions and advantages:

1. There is no thermal deformation during cutting, which avoids the physical and chemical changes of materials;

2. It is widely used in the cutting of various materials and has the reputation of "universal cutting machine";

3. The incision is smooth and smooth without burr, so it is generally unnecessary to reprocess;

4. Controlled by the CNC system, high cutting accuracy;

5. The cutting seam is less than 1.2mm, which is convenient for nesting cutting and saves materials;

6. The processing process will not produce waste that pollutes the environment.

Numerical control water jet cutter is an ideal or only way to process materials that are difficult to cut by other methods, such as kevler, titanium alloy, and various composite materials.

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