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What are the ceramic tile processing equipment

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Open a ceramic tile processing plant commonly used in ceramic tile processing equipment which have what! Yong Tao mechanical and electrical for everyone a brief introduction, the hope of the preparation of ceramic tile processing plant friends some more understanding.

1, tile processing the primary mechanical equipment is tile cutting machine, small factory lowest also is equipped with two, the machinery is the motor directly drives the blade to tile cutting, belonging to the desktop electric tools, the machine using the motor speed fast to height of belt driven saw for cutting of ceramic tile, which can reach cutting ceramic tiles for a class of higher hardness of decoration materials, and not collapse edge effect.

2, ceramic tile processing equipment, but also including arc polishing machine, the equipment is also called ceramic tile grinding machine, is an indispensable equipment in the processing of ceramic tile,

Main function:

Grinding straight edge, rounded edges, inverted 45 degrees, open anti sliding arc polishing, inverted corner, 45 degree chamfer polishing, L groove, V groove etc..

Main use:

Ceramic tile production processing factory, brick staircase, cascade anchor line, 45 degree chamfer polishing, arc polishing.

It can put any level of polishing brick and stone for machining of cambered surface and become a beautiful brick steps and anchor line brick, production process of the machine is full automatic operation, the operation is simple and convenient, free to regulate the speed of the production line, can optionally adjust the processing of the arc face size, can also be polished 45 degree bevel, product high glossiness, high production efficiency, the machine production out of the brick steps, anchor line quality perfect, processing cost is extremely low, for decoration engineering times show high-grade and luxurious!

3, also includes a front and back CNC ceramic tile cutting machine, to solve the ceramic processing industry is currently the largest labor costs, the operation is not skilled, slow speed, processing product specifications, the diagonal error is too large and so on.

Cutting spindle group II, driven by a 4kw motor, with more than 125 mm blade, using the latest electric oil circulating system, positioning the with the imported linear guide rail and Taiwan imported ball screw rod high precision servo system, smooth operation and more accurate, size error of less than 0.1mm, convenient operation, using computerized numerical control system, 5 seconds faster adjustment to the desired cutting size without artificial feet, only in the keyboard input the desired size.

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