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Tile processing equipment which needs a few units

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Tile processing equipment which needs a few units

The ordinary tile factory need to buy 1 sets of 14 arc polishing machine, 1 sets of knife and CNC cutting machine, 1 sets of 1200 types of manual dielectric brick

Today permanent ceramic Electromechanical is for everyone to introduce on the market at present more popular types is 8-16 head, used in processing cascade brick, anchor line and inner wall 45 degree angle processing and to complete a one-time, glossiness is higher than general ceramic tile processing equipment.

Currently many tile processing plants are in the use of models, this advantage comes in arc polishing machine + ceramic tile cutting machine perfect, in the processing step brick, the anchor line, especially, high precision, fast speed, which led directly to the traditional ceramic tile processing equipment will be eliminated.

YTE-1200 14 head arc polishing machine, is a set of ordinary arc polishing machine performance upgrade and replacement after processed by this machine out of the ceramic tile surface gloss can reach above 90 degrees, degree of finish is better than that of polishing brick, because complete sizes, so the arc can be meaning with the adjustment, the processing of different needs, it is easy and chamfering grinding edge and a slot is easy and easy to master the operation method of the ceramic tile processing machinery and equipment, sound is not great, no vibration, running smoothly, in tile processing industry is particularly popular.

For tile processing factory, a circular arc polishing machine with two manual cutting machine can satisfy the production need, if too slow speed, requirements make words can also be purchased a single set of knives for brick machine, this machine for brick and stone, such as segmentation and slotted and various shapes can design their own, can also be a different processing width, its biggest advantage is high efficiency, large output, high accuracy, reasonable design.

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