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How to choose the water jet cutting machine! How to buy a good knife

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Main domestic manufacturers, quality is uneven in quality. To say fine density highest, the cutting efficiency is the fastest, more convenient operation, ought to five axis intelligent waterjet cutting machine, belonging to the five axis linkage, can be directly used for processing of precision machinery parts and components, such as gear, and a molding without secondary processing. For this and the domestic low-end material cutting rough machining for different water jet. Only 3 of the world's grasp of the intelligent water jet technology. China only one is Guangdong Foshan Yong Tao intelligent water jet has, you can search on Baidu: Yongtao jet.

Domestic price high jet: the processing of high precision, fast cutting speed, low processing cost, simple operation, convenient maintenance, cutting polishing free, seamless splicing and other advantages, domestic service outlets, oh, good after-sales service!

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