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Multi-purpose ceramic cutting machine

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Multi-purpose ceramic cutting machine

Multi-functional ceramic tile cutting machine accessories
The manual CNC ceramic cutting machine has the following models:
1. YT800 type manual CNC ceramic cutting machine
2. YT1200 type manual CNC ceramic cutting machine
ceramic cutting machine
Manual CNC ceramic cutting machine
Type 800: the maximum machining 800mm ceramic tile
Type 1200: maximum machining of 1.2m tiles
Multi-purpose ceramic cutting machine
Installation of blade size for manual ceramic cutting machine:
(diameter 120-130mm)* (inner hole 20mm)*2.0
Manual CNC ceramic cutting machine
Size of 800 machine: 1500mm*1300mm*1400mm
Size: 2200mm*1400mm*1400mm

Machine voltage standard configuration: 380v
It can also be customized for 220v motors

Electric motor power standard configuration: 2.2kw
You can also customize the 3kw motor

Machine weight:
Model 800:200 kg
Model 1200:250 kg

The full complement of multi-functional ceramic cutter is the following:
1. Multi-functional desktop tile cutter blade 1
2. Ceramic open groove (anti-slip groove) 4 pieces (5mm)
3. 1 diamond chamfering wheel
4. 1 resin chamfering wheel
5. Diamond round corner wheel 1
6. Resin round corner wheel 1

Ceramic cutting machine accessories
The following is the use of multi-functional tile cutting machine accessories:
1. Diamond round corner wheel: grinding ceramic tile with circular grinding
2. Resin round corner wheel: fine grinding of ceramic tile
3. Diamond chamfering wheel: 45 degrees of grinding of polished tile
4. Resin chamfering wheel: polished tile 45 degrees fine grinding
5. Resin grooves: used in anti-slip grooves

6. Multi-functional ceramic tile cutter blade: used for cutting tiles

Usage of rotary disk of multi-functional tile cutter:
The rotary disk of the manual multi-purpose ceramic cutter can rotate 360 degrees, so as long as the front and back two screws are loose, you can rotate freely and then adjust the Angle you want to fix an Angle
Degrees, you can reverse the Angle, and the motor can move right or left.

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