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water jet marble cutting machine price

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water jet marble cutting machine price

The price of water jet cutting machine is influenced by many factors, such as the size of machine tool, the good and poor of spare parts, etc. Many factors influence the price of water knife cutting machine.

Machine size model of water knife cutting machine:
1, 1.3 m * 1.3 m  Three-axis small waterjet machine
2, 2 m * 1.5 m   5 axis water knife
3, 2.5 m * 1.5 m   5 axis cnc water jet
4, 3 m * 2 m   Five-axis waterjet cutting machine
5, 3 m * 1.5 m High pressure water jet cutting machine
6, 4 m * 2 m waterjet cutting machine

waterjet cutting machine

Water knife cutting machine platform can be divided into:
1. Gantry water knife cutting machine
2. Cantilever water knife cutting machine

Water knife cutting machine system can be divided into:
1. Three-axis water knife
2. Four-axis water knife
3. Five-axis water knife

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Water jet cutting machine the size of the different types of machine tool, choose a different platform and system of machine and the price is different, the inside of the water knife cutting machine spare parts and more, just a few parts is different, the price differs very far, so please don't blindly in comparing prices, you first look at the quality of machine and machine tool configuration and then talk to manufacturer specific prices, not only look at the price of friends will buy a poor quality of water knife cutting machine, want to buy good quality water jet cutter can contact yong tao water jet cutting machine manufacturers.

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