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Application of high pressure water jet cutting machine

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Application of high pressure water jet cutting machine

5 axis Water jet cutting machine
1. Principle of high-pressure water gun:
High pressure cleaning machine, is produced by power plant high-pressure plunger pump high pressure water to flush

the object surface, the impact of the water is greater than the dirt and surface adhesion, high pressure will spin

out the dirt and water washed away, to clean the surface of a cleaning equipment, high pressure cleaning is the

world recognized one of the most scientific, economic and environmental clean way.
1. Application of high-pressure water gun:
(1) all kinds of motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery products

of cleaning and maintenance, such as car washing, bulldozers, concrete mixer, tractors, etc., is a cleaning cars,

motorcycles and small vehicle maintenance unit the ideal cleaning tool.
(2) building external wall, floor, washing the bath, swimming pool, the doors and Windows, floor, toilet, oil, and

artificial is especially effective in the corner of the difficulty of cleaning, food factories, food processing

machinery and the disinfection of the guesthouse, the restaurant's kitchen cleaning, clean city streets, city

crust get rid, animal husbandry health and other fields.
(3) more than 500 atmospheres of ultra-high pressure cleaning machines can be used for concrete gouging, and high
high pressure water jet cutting machine
pressure cleaning machines can even cut and chisel all kinds of concrete.
2. High pressure water knife
1. The history of the high-pressure water knife
Dr Norman Franz has long been recognized as the father of the water knife, he is the study of ultrahigh pressure

(UHP) water knife cutting tools of the first, the definition of superhigh pressure is higher than 30000 psi

(pounds per inch (2), Dr Franz is a forestry engineer, originally he wanted to find a new way to cut the trunk

into wood, his research began in 1950, just when the continuous high pressure is very difficult to achieve, and

parts of life is short, high costs and ultimately did not succeed, but Dr Franz proved that high pressure water

flow is of great cutting energy, this energy applications far beyond the Dr Franz initial dream.
Dr 1979, Mohamed Hashish in ferro laboratory work, began to study way to increase the water knife cutting energy,

so as to cut metal and other hard materials, Dr Hashish is recognized as the father of the sand water knife, he

invented the method of adding sand material in ordinary water knife, he USES a garnet (a material) on the abrasive

paper commonly used as sand material, with this method, water knife (containing sand material) can cut almost any

material, in 1980, sand water knife was first used for cutting metal, glass and concrete, in 1983, the world's

first commercial sand water knife cutting system, is used for cutting automobile glass, the technology of the

first user is the aerospace industry, they found a knife is for cutting the military aircraft water used in

stainless steel, titanium and high strength lightweight composite materials and carbon fiber composite materials

ideal tool, from then on, sand water knife adopted by many other industries, such as processing, stone, ceramic

tile, glass, jet engines, building, nuclear industry, shipyard, etc.
2. The principle of water knife
Ultra-high pressure water cutting is also called the knife and water jet, it is the common water after multistage

pressure generated by high energy (380 mpa) water, again through a very fine ruby nozzle (0.1 0.35 mm) Φ, nearly

kilometers per second jet cutting, the cutting way known as ultra-high pressure water cutting.
3. Advantages of high pressure water knife cutting
(1) the cost savings, but nc forming all sorts of complicated design, water knife cutting can be a complete

drilling, cutting, shaping, incision smooth, without slag, no secondary processing, better than the other

processing technology, such as flame cutting, plasma processing, laser machining, electric spark machine, milling

planer processing, reduce material loss, save energy, thermal deformation or heating in the processing, it is

really a multi-purpose high efficient cold cutting processing.
(2) environmental protection, no harmful gas or liquid or dust can be produced during processing.
(3) it can process various high hardness materials, such as glass, ceramics, stainless steel, etc., or soft

materials such as leather, rubber, paper diaper, etc. It is the only means for complex materials, fragile

porcelain materials and complex processing. This cold cutting is especially suitable for disposal of scrapped

bombs or projectiles.

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