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How to maintain the ceramic tile machinery

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How to maintain the ceramic tile machinery?


Ceramic tile machinery is a necessary machine in the ceramic tile producing, It should be appropriately maintained, to extend service life. Here, we are glad to introduce you how to maintain the 14 heads arc edge polishing machine.


1. There is a oil drain valve under the oil groove, according to usage control oil adding and oil discharge time or frequency.

2. Don't make the dirt and debris fell into the oil groove, the oil groove should be cover protected at any time.

3. Turn the handle to make the material tray falling down, the speed should be slower, to prevent the heating medium flying out of the groove due to fast speed.

4. After finishing production, please cut off power source in time, clean the worktable, oil groove and other component, to assure the machine keeping clean. The shaping area and worktable should be covered with plastic film, to prevent dirt, and the heating medium should be kept clean.

5. Workplace should be kept clean, to prevent moving and sliding, no pollution.

6. The machine should be checked and lubricated regular.

7. The operate worker should be trained, to operate the machine according to instruction manual.

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