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Stone transverse and vertical cutting machine,stone cross cutting machine

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Stone transverse and vertical cutting machine (stone cross cutting machine)

This machine is applied to cut stone corner line, stone yang horn line. Use stone cutting machine or infrared bridge cutting machine to cut the big slab, and then use stone cross cutting machine to cut a small piece. Put the small piece on full automatic stone line polishing machine for grinding. Notice that must set the small piece on the mould base. One mould base can make several corner line at one time, the daily output over 1000m

Processing material: artificial stone, agglomerated stone

Processing shape: yang horn line, corner line

Processing way: transverse and vertical cutting, cut off a small piece

Technical Parameter:

Power of conveyor motor


Power of cutting machine


Diameter of blade


Width of conveyor belt


Size of machine




Diameter of principal axis




Product effect:

Stone yang horn line grinding machine (Full automatic stone line polishing machine)

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