Automatic waterjet abrasive feeder system

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Automatic waterjet abrasive feeder system

Abrasive feeder system brief:

Automatic waterjet abrasive feeder system for water jet cutting machine

(1) Import international technology,do the international safety standard design,safty and reliable.

(2) reduce the load of cross beam,so that the worktable run more stable and higher precision.

(3) avoiding scrap the product run out of sand.Eliminate the risk of manual inject sand.

(4) Improve the efficiency obviously,reduce the labour intensity.

(5) It can supply sand for two waterjet machine at the same time.

(6) Easy to operate,performance stable,little fault rate.

(7) After exhausting,the valve will open automatically,operaters can add sand to feeder system any time.

(8) 100 liters of volume,it can provide enough sand to work for 300-500minutes.

water jet abrasive feeder system

Automatic waterjet abrasive feeder system for water jet cutting

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