waterjet super high pressure intensifier

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waterjet super high pressure intensifier

(1) All electronic rever and Wye-Dolata system soft make the pressure of intensifier system more stable,run more smoothly.

(2) Full range of safety devices such as,pressure monitoring,limit alarm and automatic protection.

(3) Sustained stable super high pressure,improve the cutting speed under the premise of ensuring cutting quality.

(4) In hydraulic system,oil-inlet and oil-return pass through precision filter system,assure that the entire circuit clean and smooth.

(5) Using precision four in-lin water filter,filter accuracy upto 0.45UM,make the cutting water more purity and part of the high pressure system longer life.

(6) high pressure seals using US imported precesion composite material,seal performance and life is greatly improved.

(7) All high pressure parts are made of special technic,using advanced CNC control working table,which make the high pressure parts has a higher precision and better interchangeablity.

(8) Advanced automatic pressure adjust pump ensures steady low pressure water inlet.

Waterjet super high pressure intensifier,CNC control cabinet,waterjet cutting worktable,abrasive feeder system and circulate cooling tower work together.

waterjet super high pressure intensifier


water jet cutting machine

Waterjet super high pressure system paremeter:

(1) Intensifier system assembly:import

(2) High pressure cylinder:import

(3) High pressure pump parameter:



Max pressure


Workable pressure


Max water flow


Water cooling/wind cooling

Panel cooling 128W

max oil pump flow



Inflow pressure


Motor power


Power supply



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