Bridge Stone grind machine

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Bridge Stone grind machine

Install the plat wheel directly on the mian spindle to grind,the grinding sequence:rough grinding,fine grinding and polishing.install the 80mesh plat wheel in rough grinding.Install the200-400mesh plat wheel in fine grinding.Install the resin polish wheel in polishing,then go to fine polishing with higher mesh plat wheel.The glossiness of the stone line can upto 60-90%,the daily output come to 50meters.

Process material:marble,artificial stone,man-made jade,Agglomerated stone line

Diameter of wheel:150mm

Bridge Stone grind machine


Vertical and bridge grind

Moving motor

twin speed motor

Converter and motor

The main motor configuration

14、20CM long axis over-shipment

Manual pull rod fast-assembly

Pull rod fast-assembly

Optional 5.5KW/7.5KW

Total power


Water consumption


Vertical grind

External size

length3.8M*width1.5M*height1.5M/ length4.2M*width1.5M*height1.5M

Workable size

3.1M/3.4M/(3.6M customized)

Bridght grind

External size


workable size


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